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Dusting & High Access

 High Access Cleaning

Unger has the tools you need for safely dusting and cleaning high access areas. Our diverse selection of window cleaning tools, dusters, brushes and bulb changers guarantees the perfect tool for every high access cleaning job. The Unger HiFlo nLite Pole System and our  Aluminum Telescopic Poles easily reach trouble areas making ceiling and fixture maintenance a safer, more frequently performed task. All of Unger’s poles have ergonomic handles for worker comfort. Extend your reach and your clean while keeping workers off ladders and safely on the ground.

Innovation and ergonomics are always at the forefront of our research and product development to enable professionals to work faster, more efficiently and above all safely.

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This selection of high access tools enables custodians to change bulbs quickly and safely. Our extendable OptiLoc poles allow bulbs to be changed without the use of a ladder. Choose from a variety of lightbulb changer, including broken bulb base removers and purpose-built floodlight bulb changers. No matter the size or location of your facility's light fixtures, these tools will get bulbs changed quickly and safely.
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This huge selection tools is exactly what your custodial staff needs for dusting and high access work. Explore our selection of tools purpose built for ceiling fans, pipes, and fire damaged surfaces for all your specialized cleaning needs. Use microfiber cloths for hand cleaning and the Sprayer on a Belt for heavier applications. These tools ensure your interior surfaces stay dust-free.
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If your facility features high access areas that need cleaning, these tools are perfect for the job. Use our angle adapter, which is available in zinc or plastic and adjustable to clean at any angle up to 300°, and ergonomic handle for customized use of squeegees and washers. Give your custodial staff the power to clean high access areas safely and quickly without the use of ladders!
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