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Working Toward Better Safety with High Access Window Cleaning Tools

Falls continue to be one of the most common causes of serious work-related injuries and deaths in the window cleaning industry. And ladder mishaps, such as using an unleveled or faulty ladder, or generally using a ladder improperly, are a major contributor to these accidents. To address the risk of window washers falling on the job, whether from ladders, lifts or scaffolding, IWCA’s Standard 5.2.1 states that consideration should be given to other high access methods before ladders are used for window cleaning – and we couldn’t agree more. That’s where high access window cleaning tools that keep workers safely on the ground come into play.

Benefits of High Access Window Cleaning Tools

The benefits of high access window washing equipment extend beyond just ladder safety, providing advantages to the window washer, facility and surrounding environment.

  1. Lowered Risk of Slip and Fall Accidents
    Unsafe ladders and rigging used to reach both interior and exterior windows are not only dangerous to the window washers themselves, but also to building occupants and passerbys. Should a ladder or rigging fail, not only is the window cleaning professional at risk of injury, but falling materials from stories above pose a threat to others. Replacing these ladders and rigging with telescoping poles allows cleaning up to 5 stories and minimizes potential fall scenarios without sacrificing results.
  2. Decreased Risk of Injury from Physical Strain
    Using a telescopic pole designed with an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber reduces the possibilities of repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) that can be contributed to completing jobs where there is a need to extend to access hard to reach areas. When combined with pure water cleaning systems for exterior window washing, professionals can also eliminate the monotonous process of drying with a window squeegee or cloth. Using these drying tools requires repetitive arm and shoulder movement, which over time can damage the shoulder.  Additionally, poor techniques used when drying windows can worsen pressure, posture and movement problems which contribute to RSI. And the excessive pressure or grip when using a window squeegee or cloth can impact the mobility of hands and wrists.
  1. Better Protection from Chemical Solvents
    Depending on the building and environment, sometimes window washers opt to use cleaning chemicals to remove mineral deposits from exterior surfaces. However, by replacing traditional window washing methods with a pure water cleaning solution that utilizes a waterfed extension pole, you can eliminate the reliance on chemicals to remove surface dirt and grime – making it safer for cleaning professionals, passerbys and the environment.
  2. More Time Efficient Window Washing
    When cleaning indoor surfaces, such as windows, mirrors and elevators, cleaning professionals face two key challenges: efficiency and safety. Current tools lead to time-consuming issues, like re-arranging furniture and reaching high or unusually positioned windows, which only exacerbates safety concerns and extends the time required to get the job done.

On the flip side, window cleaning kits like the Unger Stingray address safety and efficiency goals, cleaning 25% faster and using 39% less cleaning agents than traditional spray and cloth cleaning. And the best part, the Stingray’s master and extension poles provide the flexibility and rigidity to get the job done without the cleaning professional leaving the ground.

For exterior window cleaning,  pure water cleaning systems eliminate the need for a squeegee and drying cloth, cleaning windows in one simple step and in less time.

High Access Cleaning Equipment Doesn’t Stop with Windows

When considering all the benefits of high access window cleaning tools, many of their features can also benefit other areas of the facility when high access equipment is introduced. For example, tools such as light bulb changers and dusters combined with long pole handles, keep feet on the ground and off dangerous ladders and lifts. If safety and efficiency are priorities at your facility, explore our portfolio of commercial cleaning products, including multiple lightweight extending poles, that enable you to clean at any height without the use of ladders.

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