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Commercial Cleaning Tools for Public Transit Agencies

Supporting Cleaning Frequency and Protecting Continuity of Operations

According to a 2018 study, an estimated 55.8 billion passenger miles were travelled on domestic rail and bus lines with more than a 57% increase in rail ridership alone since 1998*. Serving a growing population that rely on public transit for every day commuting and occasional travel, rail and bus agencies are tasked with the ongoing maintenance of not only their vehicles, but also their administrative buildings, maintenance facilities, passenger stations and stops and parking lots.

For these public transit agencies, maintenance includes cleaning and disinfecting to keep both employees and passengers safe and healthy. Understanding the level of cleanliness and frequency of cleaning tasks required to keep operations running on schedule, we’ve designed our innovative commercial cleaning products to deliver a faster and safer way to clean.


Facility Entrances and Transit Vehicles

For cleaning high touch areas, such as turnstiles, ticket vending machines, slam gates, benches, elevator buttons, and handrails, laboratory tests show that microfiber cloths reduce surface debris and lower bacteria levels by 96% when compared to cotton. Microfiber is a very fine blend allowing it to do a more effective job at trapping and holding bacteria, dust and dirt within the actual fibers.

Cleaning solutions that leverage microfiber cleaning technology include microfiber cloths, surface cleaning kits, floor cleaning kits and restroom cleaning kits, to address all areas of public transport settings.

Floors and Aisles

Prior to cleaning and disinfecting bus, train and subway floors, staff must remove larger debris. Unger’s portfolio of purpose-built litter removal grabber and picker tools allow workers to collect refuse without coming in direct contact with any contaminants, keeping them at a safe distance while performing their job. These tools minimize the need to bend over to contact debris, relieving physical strain while cleaning. To tackle serious, stuck on debris, heavy-duty scrapers can remove tape, heavy dirt, stickers and gum.

Wet floor cleaning methods are preferred over dry sweeping of public transit and emergency transit vehicles to reduce the risk of making any dirt and germs airborne. For wet mopping floors in public transit environments, whether in restrooms, food service areas, waiting areas or rider compartments, the use of floor mopping and spot clean systems with dual-compartment buckets will separate clean water from dirty solution, ensuring the use of clean solution throughout the duration of the cleaning process. With the Unger OmniClean you will always mop with clean water.

Supporting more frequent floor protocols, the Unger Excella™ floor and spot cleaning kits are suitable for use on all hard floor surfaces and for spot mopping, wet mopping and floor finishing applications. An onboard .5L bottle, 1L bottle and 5L backpack allow you to use your preferred cleaning or disinfecting solution and the ability to use disposable pads lets you scale your floor cleaning process to match the environment at your public transit facility.

Inside Window Cleaning

Simplifying how quickly and effectively the inside of public transit windows are cleaned can be challenging given operating and cleaning schedules. Unger’s patented, batter-operated Stingray indoor glass cleaning tool cuts cleaning time by 25% and chemical use by a full 39%, ensuring a more efficient janitorial staff and a healthier public transportation environment. The lightweight extendable pole also enables staff to clean at a safe distance from any contaminants.

Waiting Areas and Walkways

Before your patrons get on board, they must potentially move through waiting areas and utilize walkways, making it critical to keep these areas clean and clear from debris resulting from everyday use or inclement weather. Unger’s AquaDozer industrial floor squeegee makes quick work of moving debris and water. Engineered to move up to twice as much as competing models with its specially designed curved blade, your crew can take care of snow, trash or construction debris with ease. And thanks to the quick work on your part, your guests can safely access your services to get them to where they’re going.

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The Unger Difference

Unger goes beyond the obvious, innovating to keep public transit systems on the cutting edge in commercial cleaning solutions. Whether it’s our avid insistence on minimizing the spread of infectious disease or our award-winning window cleaning equipment, Unger brings you a swift, safe and healthy way of cleaning.

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