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Facility & Infection Control Cleaning

More Than Ever, You Must Truly Clean With The Right Tools

Best Practices Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting

For over 50 years, we’ve supported the commercial cleaning industry with innovative products to help generate a faster, safer and cleaner experience. With this experience comes the knowledge of the technologies and tools that can help achieve the best level of results for specific environments and scenarios, in order to avoid the costs associated with infection spread. 

According to The American Cleaning Institute (ACI), an estimated 50 million work days and 60 million school days are lost annually because of the common cold. And on top of that lost productivity and/or output, Americans spend about $5 billion each year on their colds – about $3 billion on doctors’ visits and $2 billion on treatments.

Commerical Cleaning Tools that Combat Infection Disease Spread

As your own facility continues to ensure the safety of your property, employees, customers and visitors, we’ve provided the below guidelines to which commercial cleaning tools and technologies we recommend:

  • Microfiber cleaning technology lowers bacteria levels by 96%
  • Color coded cleaning technology significantly minimizes cross-contamination
  • Dual bucket functionality has proven to effectively cleans floors by preventing dirty water from entering the cleaning process
  • Disinfectant flexibility allows you to combine cleaning with disinfection when needed

Industry Insights on Cleaning for Safer, Healthier Facilities

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More Than Ever, You Must Truly Clean With The Right Tools

The CDC recommends performing routine environmental cleaning during virus outbreaks which includes cleaning high touch surfaces such as doorknobs and countertops. Unger has an assortment of tools for your cleaning needs during heightened cold and flu season. Unger tools are designed with efficiency in mind, allowing you to clean faster and better.

What is Microfiber?

Simply put, microfiber is one of the most important developments in cleaning technology in years. Microfiber cloths can help you lower the risk associated with harmful contaminants, improve your facility’s image at the lowest possible cost and reduce occupant complaints. As the name states, fibers are repeatedly split in the manufacturing process to make microfibers. Microfibers are knitted into a soft, reusable cleaning cloth that is 30 times finer than cotton. The microfiber’s cleaning surface is packed with filaments that trap soil, remove bacteria and absorb moisture for streak-free cleaning.

Why a Grading System?

The range of cleaning products that microfiber may be used for is dictated by many qualities, including fiber thickness, length, finishing, abrasiveness, absorbency, cloth dimension, edging and quality manufacturing techniques. Unger has established several performance factors that have been tested, measured and validated by ASTM independent laboratories and other US standard industry tests. This criteria is designed to assist end users in the selection process when purchasing microfiber cloths.
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table kit

More Than Ever, You Must Truly Clean With The Right Tools

Most available cleaning buckets utilize a single compartment, reducing cleaning efficacy because soiled water is used to charge the mop. The Unger Desk & Table Cleaning kit includes a dual-chamber bucket and microfiber flat mop setting the standard for cleaning efficiency and hygiene.

Effective Healthy Cleaning

  • Microfiber technology removes 96% of surface bacteria with less chemicals. The US Green Building Council specifies microfiber products as part of their standards because they conserve water, reduce the use of disposable products and require fewer harsh chemicals.
  • Color-coded green to prevent cross-contamination. The SmartColor Cleaning System combines superior technology with the productivity and sanitation benefits of visual coding.

Faster Surface Cleaning

  • Ergonomic 16” microfiber flat mop with handle covers more area faster.
  • Rear-mounted pour spout and locking lower drain spout prevents heavy lifting while the dump spout allows workers to empty the bucket with ease.

Efficient Cleaning

  • The tools and process clean 4x faster enabling more desk and table cleanings per day when compared to the use of spray bottles and cotton rags.
  • Dual-compartment bucket separates clean from dirty solution, ensuring the use of clean solution every time and maximizing usage of cleaning solution.
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Nifty Nabber - Garbage Picker

Easy to Use Commercial Trash Pickers

Unger’s line of commercial litter removal tools and accessories are exactly what your custodians need to keep facilities litter free. Purpose-built grabbers, picker pins and the collapsible NiftyNabber Bagger allow workers to collect refuse without needing to bend over and handle waste, relieving physical strain and possible exposure while cleaning. Your litter removal work will get done faster and more productively with Unger grabbers and reachers!

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OmniClean Dual Bucket

More Than Ever, You Must Truly Clean With The Right Tools

According to CDC Guidelines, during viral outbreaks its important to clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily. Experts recommend the use of microfiber to prevent cross-contamination because it picks up and releases dirt, bacteria and germs. The advantages of using dual-chamber buckets are more sanitary, hygienic floors, as well as environmental benefits and cost savings. Choosing the right tools is crucial to the success of your cleaning process. Unger OmniClean minimizes spread of infectious disease by pairing bacteria reducing microfiber with a dual chamber bucket for the cleanest floors.

13X Cleaner

  • Turbidity tests reveal OmniClean mop water is cleaner on the 13th wring than a traditional string mop on the first wring

Effective Cleaning with OmniClean Microfiber

  • Removes 96% of floor bacteria
  • Dual chamber bucket leaves bacteria and grime in the dirty bucket
  • Pairs with floor disinfectant of choice

Sustainable Cleaning

  • Microfiber mop pad covers more square footage than traditional methods
  • OmniClean technology features efficient 1.5 gallon buckets for water and chemical savings
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Category Solution Restroom Floor Sq 1

More Than Ever, You Must Truly Clean With The Right Tools

Now is the time to refocus your cleaning efforts to help prevent the transmission of germs and viruses in every area of your building. This is particularly important for high volume, public areas such as education facilities. For restroom cleaning, Unger recommends utilizing microfiber technology which had proven to remove up to 96% of surface bacteria ((70% better than cotton string mops according to the EPA). Combined with color-coded cleaning products that reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination and a dual bucket mopping system that prevents contaminated water from entering the cleaning process, you can effectively clean restroom floors and fixtures at this critical time.

Dual Bucket System

    • Improved Hygiene & Ergonomic Design
The Unger Dual Bucket sets the standard for cleaning efficiency and hygiene, designed to reduce cross-contamination and improve cleaning by separating clean solution from rinse water and reducing mop head re-soiling.


      • Tool Clip System
The patented clip system keeps all tools securely attached while you are moving down the hall. No bending or reaching to get tools out/off of the cart.
      • Flat Mop vs. String Mops
Flat mops are significantly lighter and faster than traditional string mops reducing mop-related worker injuries.


      • Storage System
The cart system is designed with multiple storage areas for cleaning products. This eliminates the need for return trips to the facility's supply room.
      • Ergonomic Design/Maneuverability
The ergo handrail and narrow tool tower design allows workers to push or pull the cart with ease while maneuvering in and out of restroom entrances quicker and easier.


      • Dual-Purpose Design Advantage
The base of the cart acts as a drip tray, catching excess liquid and eliminating drips on restroom or hallway floors.
      • On-Board Instructions
The cart system includes bilingual instructions (English/Spanish) detailing Unger's 8-Step Restroom Cleaning Process to provide the best clean for your facility.
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Stingray cleaning table

Window & Surface Cleaning Equipment that Cleans Up to 25% Faster

The Stingray Refillable System is an ideal choice for your surface cleaning equipment needs thanks to its unique ability to clean a variety of surfaces, including glass, windows, mirrors, plexiglass, desks, walls, countertops and more. The Stingray window, glass & surface cleaning system features:
  • An enclosed nozzle design that eliminates airborne cleaning chemicals.
  • A Quick Click Attachment Extension Pole that can reach up to 18' without ladders or lifts.
  • A refillable bottle that gives a choice for cleaning and/or disinfectant chemicals.
  • Cleaning pad flexibility with the ability to use either microfiber cleaning technology or disposable QuikPads.
The Stingray surface cleaning tool completes tasks up to 25% faster than alternative methods, allowing cleaning staff to quickly remove dirt and germs prior to disinfection. With contaminants removed from the surface, disinfectants can more effectively kill any remaining germs.
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Unger Excella Close Up

Now More Than Ever, You Must Truly Clean With The Right Tools

Replacing traditional cotton mop heads, the Unger Excella Floor Care System leverages the health benefits of cleaning with microfiber. All of the Excella kits include microfiber mop pads which trap and hold bacteria, dust and dirt better than cotton thanks to the fine blend of microfiber's synthetic materials. Compare this to cotton, which only pushed dirt and debris around instead of picking it up, and the Unger Excella's microfiber component guarantees not only a cleaner but more sanitary end result. The Unger Excella Floor Care System combines dual-swivel handles and a self-guiding S-curve pole, providing a mopping system that is “self-steering”. The floor cleaning kit is the first one available that includes both a height adjustable pole and the ability to dispense liquid from the bottle on board. This combination of features provides dramatically faster cleaning with less strain, stress, and effort than any other mop currently available.
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