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Janitorial Safety Tips and Tools to Increase Worker Safety

With approximately 2.4 million workers in building custodial services occupations in the U.S., the hazards of heavy lifting, prolonged standing and frequent bending are major concerns for facility managers and building service contractors managing custodial staff. In addition to mitigating the physical risks, also of concern are the results of exposure to infectious agents and chemical cleaning solutions.

According to the CDC, any combination of the above hazards can result in psychosocial stress, musculoskeletal disorders, infectious diseases, dermatologic diseases, allergies, and respiratory diseases. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that custodial work is the fourth-highest job by injuries and illnesses that require time off to recuperate – with the median number of those days being six.

To help protect the safety of custodial staff, they not only need to work within a culture of safety, but they also need the right tools. Unger designs commercial cleaning products that proactively keep workers safe while effectively performing the job at hand.

We recommend the following janitorial safety tips when it comes to selecting commercial cleaning equipment:

No Touch Cleaning Equipment

Exposure to germs and infectious agents is always of concern, but when you couple the traditional cold and flu seasons with a global pandemic, protecting worker safety increases in priority. Whether in schools, restaurants or other public spaces, dirt, debris and virus-laden droplets can remain infectious for several hours on surfaces. By combining telescopic poles, with add-on cleaning accessories, custodial staff can perform routine indoor window cleaning, desk, table and surface cleaning from a safe distance without having direct contact with the cleaning surface.

Improved Facility Air Quality

Keeping worker safety top of mind, Unger designs its cleaning solutions, like the Stingray glass cleaning system, to use less chemicals while still providing the same high standard of clean. The Stingray cleaning solution uses 39% less chemicals than traditional cloth window cleaning, helping to improve air quality during the cleaning process.

No Ladders for Indoor Cleaning and Maintenance

When cleaning indoor surfaces, such as windows, mirrors and elevators, cleaning professionals face two key challenges: efficiency and safety. Current tools lead to time-consuming issues, like re-arranging furniture and reaching high or unusually positioned windows. Unger’s variety of commercial cleaning tools make cleaning even the highest access jobs a quick process.

For example, tools such as light bulb changers feature insulated designs that keep custodians safe from heat while changing bulbs. This feature, combined with long pole handles, keep feet on the ground and off dangerous ladders and lifts.

Complementary litter removal tools are designed to minimize strain and injury. Eliminating the need for custodial staff to bend or reach to retrieve objects that are too low or too high reduces the risk of back injury.

Our portfolio of multiple lightweight extending poles enables you to clean any height without the use of ladders. From telescopic cleaning poles to the award-winning nLite extension pole, safety and strength go hand in hand with Unger high access cleaning products. Our lightweight, easy-to-assemble telescopic poles reach to heights of 60 feet and beyond, allowing workers to stay safe on the ground.

Safer Outdoor Window Cleaning

Our commercial outdoor window washing kits and supplies will help your custodial staff with quick daily cleans, hard-to-reach areas and deep cleaning projects. These award-winning professional window cleaning tools are capable of extending your reach up to 55’ with the use of the nLite telescopic pole. Pure water cleaning systems, such as the HydroPower Ultra system, can clean windows up to five stories high without ladders or lifts – eliminating the risk of ladder fall injuries and costly lift rentals.

Considering janitorial safety tips when it comes to selecting commercial cleaning equipment?  Contact us to schedule a product demonstration or request a full product catalog.

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