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Rubber Cleaning Tools

Before professionally cleaning windows, ensure you have the right tools to complete the job efficiently, effectively and safely. Choose from a wide variety of rubber for Unger’s window cleaning tools designed for a better glide and streak-free performance. No matter the conditions, find the rubber you need for the job. Hard rubber packs are ideal for optimum liquid removal on large, flat surfaces and work well for warmer temperatures. Soft rubber tools conform to uneven surfaces and are ideal for cooler environments. With this professional rubber selection, you can enable professionals to take window cleaning to the next level.

Professional window washers and cleaning workers know the power of rubber cleaning tools. When it comes to selecting the right rubber coating for tools, it all depends on the window washing job at hand.  Soft rubber tools are effective for cooler climates while hard rubber is best for warmer climates. At temperatures of over 90F, soft rubber can become softer, more malleable and begin to not conform to uneven glass surfaces like hard rubber can. This can result in less than optimum window cleaning results, leaving streaks and debris behind. Hard rubber is still flexible, it just holds up to heat more efficiently and is not as easy to manipulate.

Unger creates quality tools that are specific to your window cleaning task. While other brands typically only feature soft rubber squeegees, Unger offers a variety of rubber tools to get the job done. High-quality rubber squeegees will increase worker productivity, dry and clean windows at a faster pace, all while being easy and comfortable to use.

Like all of Unger products, our rubber tool accessories complement our line of ergonomically designed professional window washing poles. This means that cleaning professionals can comfortably use the tool for longer periods of time without strain or stress.

Rubber Squeegee Tools and Accessories

Completing window washing jobs with a rubber squeegee is critical for maximum cleaning results. Rubber cleaning tools feature a rounded shape which allows them to get into every crevice and surface, including uneven glass. Since rubber is inherently malleable, it allows for easy maneuvering.

The Black Series Power Rubber delivers a streak-free, pristine shine to your facility’s windows by using the power of a rubber squeegee to remove signs of debris and grime. Like all Unger tools, this high-quality cleaning tool provides long-lasting results on which you can rely. The Hard Replacement Rubber can stand up to heat and is ideal for warmer temperatures. Coated with talcum to ensure freshness, this product will become a staple in your window cleaning operations.

ErgoTec Soft Rubber Gross Packs are best suited for cooler temperatures and can easily conform to uneven surfaces, delivering a new level of cleanliness. As with Unger’s line of window washing tools, you can count on a streak-free performance.

If safety and efficiency are priorities in your professional window washing operations, explore our portfolio of professional cleaning products that are designed to take your cleaning efforts to the next level.

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