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Grill Scrapers

Professional Griddle Scrapers

Unger’s selection of griddle scraper tools allows foodservice operators to expertly clean stubborn and often hard-to-reach kitchen areas, allowing you to take cleanliness to the next level. Cleaning a commercial griddle can be a tedious process, but Unger’s line of scraper tools makes it quick and easy so you can focus on the cleanliness of other important areas of the kitchen. With a pristine cooking area prepped, you can produce a cleaner final food product for your patrons and minimize the risk of food contamination. Maintaining a pristine cooking environment has never been easier!

Commercial Griddle Cleaning Designed for Comfort

Ergonomic handles and reversible blades make it easy for your staff to remove burned residue or grease buildup. The ErgoTec Grill Scraper Handles are short-handed and offer a tight grip, making them ideal for removing caked-on, set-in food substances that other tools just can’t seem to remove as effectively. This commercial griddle scraping tool features a reversible stainless blade with a razor edge that is ideal for removing burned residue. The blunt side of the griddle scraper eliminates food and grease debris. The heavy-duty tool is made of zinc with a stainless-steel blade, so you know it’s built to last.

These long-lasting, rust-free scrapers will keep your grill spotless and your patrons returning for more!

The Dangers of a Dirty Kitchen Griddle

Ensure the safety of your patrons by expertly cleaning your kitchen’s griddles. Commercial kitchen griddles require special attention and thorough cleaning at the end of the day that should not be ignored. Not only can a dirty griddle taint the taste and quality of your food, but it can also have other detrimental consequences, such as the risk of debris and contaminants entering the food. Harmful contaminants entering your food can lead to certain food borne diseases and illnesses for your patrons.

Does your kitchen have stubborn grime built up on the griddle that seems nearly impossible to remove? If left untreated, grease can accumulate and eventually carbonize, leaving behind a solid, hard substance that can end up compromising the lifespan of your griddle. A commercial griddle is your kitchen’s workhorse and arguably one of the most frequently used cooking tools. Griddles, especially griddles in high use, are prone to grease and food buildup. If not removed, this buildup can interfere with your cooking equipment, causing it to heat unevenly and not conduct heat efficiently throughout the cooktop. Protect your investment and keep your commercial cooking equipment running for years to come by properly maintaining and routinely cleaning the griddle.

If safety and efficiency are priorities in your commercial kitchen, explore our portfolio of professional cleaning products that are designed to take your cleaning efforts to the next level.

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