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Food Squeegees

Squeegees for Food Cleanup

Is it time to reconsider your choice of cleaning equipment and processes for your restaurant, bar or kitchen? Unger delivers the essential tools for keeping your restaurant cooking surfaces spotless.

Clean your grills and hot cooking surfaces even more effectively with Unger’s Griddle High Heat Squeegee. These professional squeegee tools are non-scratching and designed for large, flat surfaces that are exposed to high temperatures of up to 350 degrees.

Enable your chefs to focus on producing delicious, fresh food with a clean cooking surface, while staff have everything they need to properly clean and maintain griddles. Grease buildup and burn residue don't stand a chance against these commercial cleaning tools!

High Heat Squeegees Tools Designed for the Food Service Industry

The professional Griddle Cleaning Set is a complete set of tools needed to properly clean and maintain griddle cooktops. The set includes two scrapers, a High Heat Squeegee and a tool holder for easy access. The Griddle High Heat Squeegee also easily attaches to our selection of extendable poles so you’re able to reach all food prep areas, whether it is behind a range or a hard-to-reach corner.

Unger’s professional squeegee system for the food and beverage industry is designed to keep your environment sanitary and safe from contaminants. The squeegee tools are hygienic and easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about harmful germs and bacteria getting in the way of your cleaning efforts.

Restaurant and Kitchen Hood Cleaning Tools

In the restaurant and food service industry, it is essential to keep all surfaces pristine and free from any food buildup and debris as it can impact the quality of food delivered and the safety of the kitchen. Unger’s line of ergonomic hood cleaning tools allows workers to easily access hard-to-reach kitchen hood corners, areas that are traditionally hard to reach and  clean effectively. OptiLoc telescopic extendable poles allow you to work safely from the ground instead of using ladders to clean tall hood surfaces. The incorporation of the SureGrip Locking Collar on the pole is designed for safety and comfort, featuring a grip that is easy to hold with cold and/or wet hands. Attached to the pole, t-bars with microfiber washer sleeves can be adjusted to fit the proper angle needed for the job.

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