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High Access Cleaning

Professional High Access Cleaning Tools

Is your facility or warehouse dust and debris free? If your facility features high access areas that need professional cleaning, Unger’s line of commercial cleaning tools specifically designed for tall spaces can effectively remove the layers of built-up dust and grime that have accumulated over time.

Cleaning hard-to-reach spaces at high heights present many challenges, from safety and cleanliness concerns to putting physical strain on your employees. All of Unger’s commercial cleaning products are designed for efficiency and ease of use so you’re able to quickly and effectively clean high windows, high ceilings, pipes, ductwork and ledges.

The High Access Dusting Starter Kit allows you to clean multi-surfaces and includes the StarDuster Pipe Brush, StarDuster Wall Brush, StarDuster Pro Ceiling Fan Duster, HiFlo nLite Locking Cone Adapter, StarDuster ProFlex and StarDuster ProFlex Sleeves. Use our adjustable Cranked Joint Angle Adapter, available in zinc or plastic, to clean at any angle up to 300°, and ergonomic handle for customized use of squeegees and washers. Safely remove cobwebs and dust with Unger’s unique Cobweb Duster Brush that easily adapts to a telescopic pole. This tool is excellent for dusting ceilings, moldings and corners located inside or outside the building. Our cleaning heads can be used on a number of telescopic poles, so they are able to reach heights of up to thirty feet!

Enhance Worker Safety

Falls continue to be one of the most common causes of serious work-related injuries and deaths, making it a priority for facility managers, building service contractors and employers to keep workers’ feet firmly planted on the ground. In the workplace specifically, falls involving ladders are a leading cause of workplace injuries according to a NIOSH study. The study found that ladders are involved in 20% of fall injuries among workers. Accidents involving a ladder accident, such as using an unleveled or defective ladder, or even using a ladder improperly, are a major contributor to these accidents.

Replacing ladders and lifts with tools designed with telescopic poles allow workers to get the job done without running the risk of an on-the-job accident. Completing facility cleaning jobs using extension pole dusters and professional cleaning tools is safer and generally faster. Find a dust remover of every material, from a microfiber duster to lambswool duster to clean ceilings, moldings and corners without the risk of falling.

In addition, using a telescopic pole designed with ultra-lightweight carbon fiber reduces the risk of repetitive stress injuries that can be  attributed to performing jobs where there is a need to extend to access hard-to-reach areas. Give your custodial staff the power to clean high access areas safely and quickly without the use of ladders!

Extension Pole Duster

Unger’s variety of high-quality tools attach easily to our telescopic poles so you’re able to use the best tool for your specific task. The first step is finding the right telescopic pole for your application. The waterfed HiFlo nLite Carbon Poles are lightweight and made with superior rigidity. By attaching the right Unger adapter, dusting and bulb changing tools can be added to expand the cleaning performance of nLite poles! The SmartColor TelePole is a convenient 2-section telescopic pole made of lightweight aluminum and includes a snap-in Taper/ACME cone adapter for attaching other Unger cleaning tools. Another option is Henry’s Handi Handle that features an ergonomic design and one section handle that is complete with the ErgoTec Locking Cone.

High Dusting and Cobweb Removal

Keeping your facility or warehouse dust and cobweb-free is essential as it is directly tied to the air quality of the building and can present many health hazards to your workers and patrons if overlooked. Dust contains germs that become airborne and easily transmitted, causing allergies, bacterial infections, viruses and the flu. Hard-to-reach (and see!) areas in a facility are prone to dust and can pose a threat to your building and in the case of the foodservice and manufacturing industries specifically, to the product you’re producing.

If safety and efficiency are priorities at your facility, explore our portfolio of commercial cleaning products, including multiple lightweight extending poles, that enable you to clean dust and cobweb accumulation from high levels without the use of a ladder or lift.

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