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Taking the Risk Out of Cleaning High Ceilings and Bulb Changing

The riskiest part of cleaning high ceilings and changing bulbs is safely accessing the areas, especially when they are in complex environments. These hard to reach areas of a facility often require ladders, lifts or scaffolding to perform the task at hand, making it a more time consuming, expensive and risky endeavor than ground level work. Given these challenges, high ceiling cleaning is not always performed as often as it should, jeopardizing the appearance of the building as well as the health of building occupants.  To solve the burden and risk associated with cleaning above ground level, workers need to have the right arsenal of high ceiling cleaning equipment.

Dangers of Performing High Access Ceiling Cleaning

Despite OSHA standards and guidelines to minimize cleaning hazards and improve worker safety, falls are one of the most common causes of serious work-related injuries. According to a National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) study, falls involving ladders are a leading cause of workplace injuries.  Even without a fall, the use of a ladder still poses physical risks since the worker may need to carry heavy items on the ladder and reach or strain to access hard to reach areas.

Dangers of NOT Performing High Access Cleaning

One word – dust. Without regular cleaning, ceiling fans, HVAC vents, piping, windows, etc. can build up a layer of grime and dust. Once airborne in the workplace, dust can impact air quality and the safety of building occupants.

Exposure to dust can cause building occupants to feel uncomfortable with symptoms like headaches, fatigue, trouble concentrating, and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. And depending on the level of indoor dust and the specific workplace environment (such as a manufacturing facility), dust buildup can also create slip hazards, clog machine buttons, and block ventilation or filters.

In most cases, this type of dust, referred to as nuisance dust, is easily controlled with regular cleaning.

The First Step to Changing Your Approach to High Access Cleaning

Every building has those hard to get to spots and because the use of ladders and lifts is required, they can go unclean. The start to overcoming this challenge is selecting a telescoping cleaning pole to replace cumbersome ladders or lifts (which are also an added expense if renting.) Telescopic cleaning poles can simplify high access cleaning with:

  • A lightweight, ergonomic design that makes it easy to handle;
  • Pole rigidity that provides maximum reach safely from the ground;
  • A retractable design for convenient carrying and storage; and
  • Interchangeable and versatile cleaning attachments.

Essential Tools for High Ceiling Cleaning and Bulb Changing

When a telescopic cleaning pole is used in conjunction with a full range of attachments – washers, squeegees, dusters, brushes, bulb changers – no surface is left unclean. These attachments enable an easier, safer and faster cleaning experience, which translates to more efficient and frequent high access cleaning processes for your facility.

  1. High Ceiling Fan DustersWhen in operation, the friction created by the ceiling fan moving through the air causes static electricity to accumulate on the blade surface, which in turn, attracts dust particles. The motor too can suck in dust and when it builds up, interfere with the motor’s operation. A microfiber ceiling fan duster has a positive charge (as opposed to other materials, such as cotton, which holds a negative charge) and attracts the negatively charged dust particles, resulting in a more effective clean. And when attached to a telescopic cleaning pole, you minimize the fall risk when cleaning.
  2. High Ceiling Light Bulb ChangerDespite the relative ease of changing a light bulb, the process comes with a multitude of risks that extend beyond those associated with high ceiling cleaning. For bulb changing specifically, you also must consider the risk of electric shock when working on a fixture, cuts from broken bulbs, burns from contact with a hot bulb, and potentially falling parts from the fixture. Using a professional high ceiling light bulb changer attached to a telescoping aluminum pole allows you to:
    1. Avoid using ladders and scaffolds that are dangerous and time-consuming to transport and set up
    2. Grab a wide variety of bulbs and bulb sizes, and prevent using excessive force with rubber-coated and spring steel fingers designed for seamless turning power
    3. Maintain a safe distance between you and the element, eliminating the risk of shock
    4. Carefully clean up broken bulbs without running the risk of laceration or injury
  3. High Indoor Window and Glass CleaningKeeping workers safely on the ground while reaching the necessary height for window and glass cleaning is a major priority in protecting worker safety. Using a window cleaning kit that can reach heights up to 65 feet, not only supports this priority, but also minimizes awkward reaching and stretching to access these areas, lightening the risk of physical strain and injury while performing a repetitive task.

Safer Cleaning at New Heights

Unger’s innovations in high ceiling cleaning tools support your efforts in ensuring safer workplace conditions and making sure employees have and use safe tools and equipment required to properly maintain facilities. Contact us if you would like to explore our latest innovations designed to help you clean faster and safer, at all heights.

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