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Green Window Cleaning is a Win-Win for Professional Window Cleaners

As a professional window cleaner, the results you deliver speak volumes about your business. Utilizing green cleaning products and/or practices in your professional window cleaning business doesn’t mean compromising on your standards of cleanliness. In fact, you may even improve your window cleaning outcomes and customer satisfaction. With today’s green cleaning practices, you not only can deliver the same exceptional results as with traditional window cleaning, but potentially gain a competitive advantage, attracting more business from facilities with their own environmental, social, and governance initiatives (ESG).

What is a Green Window Cleaning Strategy

Green window cleaning refers to the practice of using cleaning methods and/or products that are environmentally friendly and promote the health and well-being of people and the environment. A greener cleaning strategy prioritizes:

  • Reducing the use of harmful chemicals
  • Minimizing waste and disposable products
  • Conserving water throughout the window cleaning process

While green window cleaning focuses on reducing the impact on the professional cleaner, building occupants, and the environment, they are just as effective as classic window cleaning techniques, if not better.

The Role of Microfiber in Green Window Cleaning

While undoubtedly useful and convenient for window cleaning, the disposable nature and excessive usage of paper towels collectively contribute to deforestation and America’s growing waste problem. Even though paper towels have a modest carbon footprint – emitting only about 0.06 lbs of carbon dioxide each – they are more harmful than they may appear. How massive of a problem is this? In North America more than 51,000 trees are cut down to support paper towel consumption every day. Worldwide, consumers discard 254 million tons of paper towels each year.

Alternatively, microfiber window cleaning cloths and pads boast benefits that align them with greener window cleaning practices:

  1. They are durable and can be used and laundered repeatedly. By employing a reusable microfiber cleaner, you can replace the process of constantly buying and tossing away paper towels or disposable wipes.
  2. They are effective with less water or chemical solution than when cleaning with a paper towel or disposable wipe. Microfiber is highly absorbent and can hold several times its weight in water. This feature allows the microfiber to soak up dirt, grime and liquid without needing excessive amounts of water.

And when it comes to window cleaning performance, the unique design of the cloth fibers also makes the cleaning cloth superior to paper towels for eliminating streaks and leaving behind a lint-free glass surface.

The Power of Pure Water Technology in Green Outdoor Window Cleaning

There are a variety of labels used on commercial window cleaning solutions – environmentally friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable, all-natural – to position them as better alternatives to cleaning solutions containing harsh chemicals, such as ammonia or bleach. But what if you could bypass all the labels and use a cleaning method for outdoor windows that did not require any cleaning solution whatsoever?

Using either a deionization (DI) system or reverse osmosis (RO) system, pure water technology removes impurities from the water source, leaving only pure water behind with a very low TDS (total dissolved solids) content. The high purity of the water itself is often sufficient to remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants without the use of harsh chemicals. Without the use of a cleaning solution, you’re ensuring that no chemical residue is left behind after drying and you’re keeping airborne contaminants out of the process.

Windows are also left with unparalleled clarity because unlike tap water, which contains various minerals that can leave behind residues and streaks, pure water has been virtually stripped of these impurities. This results in a crystal-clear finish, ensuring windows are not only clean but also impeccably clear when cleaned properly.

Green Window Cleaning Provides a Win-Win Scenario

Embracing microfiber cleaning technology and pure water systems is not just a commitment to green window cleaning, but to the highest level of clean. This transition offers a win-win scenario where the environmental footprint of cleaning processes is substantially reduced, while the outcomes of professional window cleaning are elevated. As the industry moves forward, adopting these technologies can set a new standard of clean, ensuring that professional window cleaners are not only recognized for their commitment to sustainability but also for their ability to deliver unparalleled cleanliness.


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