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Commercial High Dusting   

Unger’s line of commercial high access dusting tools are exactly what your custodial staff needs for cleaning high access work. Explore our wide selection of tools built for expertly cleaning ceiling fans, pipes, and fire damaged surfaces and all of your specialized cleaning needs. Use microfiber dusting cloths for hand cleaning and the Sprayer On a Belt for heavier applications. These tools ensure your interior and exterior surfaces stay dust-free.

If your facility has the cleaning need, Unger has the professional tools to help workers get the job done. The StarDuster® Pro Ceiling Fan Duster contains thick, soft microfiber brush strands that clean all shape and size ceiling fans effortlessly. Hard-to-reach and unsightly cob webs are a thing of the past with the CobWeb Duster Brush that you can use with your existing Unger telescopic poles. The split-tipped soft poly fibers of the brush allow for effective indoor or outdoor dusting without the worry of scratching. If your facility contains shelves that are prone to dust collection, the StarDuster® Lambswool Duster is the superior dusting tool for the job. Combine the Lambswool Duster with Unger’s HiFlo nLite poles for high access cleaning projects. Try the High Access Dusting Starter Kit that includes everything you need to get the professional cleaning results your business demands.

The Dangers of Dust  

Dust is more than just dirt, it’s a mixture of dead skin cells, dust mites, pollen, clothing fibers and other “dirty” particles you may not want to think about. If manufacturing processes take place in your facility, this area may be even more prone to dust production.

Dust is also more than an eyesore for your patrons and employees. While dust may look commonplace and harmless, it’s actually the leading cause of indoor air pollution that can make your employees sick, leading to missed days of work and lost productivity. Over time, dust inhalation can lead to many avoidable health issues, including respiratory issues, lung disease, and even certain types of cancers. Since dust can accumulate on many surfaces, including hard to reach areas, it’s a commercial cleaning job that is often overlooked due to the lack of the right dust removal tool.

Aside from posing health issues to building occupants, dust can also clog your HVAC system which can lead to increased maintenance issues and costly replacements. Dust also poses an increased risk for quality control as it can tamper with machinery and production equipment.

Microfiber Dusting Tools

Dry microfiber cloths quickly remove dust particles from surfaces you didn’t even know needed dusting! Microfiber commercial cleaning products, such as the Pro Micro Sleeve and MicroWipe™ cloths, are essential for your professional dusting operations. Laboratory tests show that microfiber cleaning cloths reduce surface debris while lowering bacteria levels by over 96%. Microfiber textiles capture and trap dust particles like no other product on the market, eliminating dust and providing a new level of clean.

Microfiber is highly effective for cleaning and dusting surfaces due to the fiber composition. Unlike cotton fibers which are much larger, the smaller microfiber cloth fibers can pick up microscopic dust particles and bond to dust and debris. Using microfiber is also a practical cleaning method as it is machine washable and can be re-used over and over.

Safety Benefits of Using High Access Dusting Tools

Provide a safe workplace for employees by using high access dusting tools that keep workers’ feet on the ground! Telescopic extension poles can be combined with our wide variety of dusting tools and accessories to create a safe distance between the employee and the cleaning surface which could harbor potentially harmful germs. These poles can be easily combined to create an easier and safer ceiling and fixture maintenance experience for your employees. Even the highest, hardest to reach areas of your facility can be quickly and efficiently cleaned with Unger’s high-quality line of commercial high dusting tools.

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