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Floor Scrapers

Floor Scrapers

Part of Unger’s complete line of floor cleaning equipment, floor scrapers are the perfect tools to keep floors and surfaces clean and safe. Their ergonomic grip design and hang hole are ideal for use in any facility. Available in three sizes – heavy duty, medium duty and light duty -  there is a floor scraper available to meet the cleaning needs in any facility.

Heavy Duty Floor Scraper

For heavy-duty jobs, this scraper is ideal for stripping tile floors, removing carpets, and strong adhesives. This scraper features a sturdy, galvanized steel handle with ergonomic grips that extends from 3' to 5' to reduce unnecessary bending and reaching. The handle length allows the cleaning task to be carried out while standing, ultimately protecting the back and knees from strain and potential injury. The 8" zinc alloy angled scraper head increases overall strength and control.

Medium Duty Floor Scraper

The medium duty, long handled floor scraper includes a 60” ergonomic aluminum handle, 6″ angled zinc alloy head and dual sided blade. The double-sided and exchangeable blades are versatile with the sharp side ideal for removing paint or stickers, and the blunt side being particularly suitable for removing harder residues such as carpet glue or mortar.

Light Duty Floor Scraper

Featuring a 4' aluminum handle and a 4" zinc alloy scraper head angled for increased strength and control, this floor scraper tool is best for removing gum, stickers, wax, and tough dirt. The sharp side of the blade works on smooth, hard floor surfaces, including vinyl and tile, while the blunt side of the blade works on uneven floors.

Floor Scraper Replacement Blades

Replacement carbon steel and stainless steel floor scraper blades come in a handy compact dispenser that allows users to safely store new and used blades. Blades easily slide in and out of the dispenser.

Professional Floor & Surface Cleaning Equipment

At Unger, we create groundbreaking innovations in floor care, including commercial floor cleaning, floor maintenance, floor finishing and water removal solutions.

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