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Disaster & Recovery Relief

Flood, Fire and Disaster Commercial Clean Up Tools

Understanding the importance of business continuity for your facility, Unger provides disaster clean up tools to help you be as prepared as possible for an emergency. When flooding, powerful storms or fire occurs, you need immediate help to restore your facility while decreasing downtime. Unger’s line of disaster clean up tools is ideal for recovery efforts and is the professional's choice for safe and effective cleaning.

Disaster Relief Tools for Flood Clean Up

Water damage can devastate an industrial or commercial property. Unger’s suite of commercial tools for flood clean up ensures you can safely remove water from your facility efficiently and quickly. The AquaDozer Heavy Duty is built for removing large volumes of water, mud and other debris. This flood squeegee is well-equipped for heavy duty jobs given its 14 gauge powder-coated steel frame and black EPDM rubber.

Unger’s AquaDozer Max is an ideal flood squeegee that moves up to 2x more water and debris compared to the competition. The AquaDozer Max features a unique curved blade that’s designed to maximize cleaning performance so you can quickly resume your facility operations. This flood clean up squeegee is best for smooth surfaces, like asphalt and concrete floors.

Debris Clean Up

After a storm or fire, you may be dealing with a lot of aftermaths when it comes to the clean up. Unger’s commercial cleaning tools make this process go smoother and faster to minimize downtime.

The 40-gallon size NiftyNabber Bagger reliably stores all debris and easily collapses and locks for compact shipping and storage. The bottom of the bagger contains drainage holes that make rinsing out the product a breeze, while the sturdy web handles and rugged bottom allow for easy dragging over rough surfaces, such as pavement.

The NiftyNabber Pro will quickly become your custodian’s go-to tool when it comes to debris clean up. The easy-to-use grabber is strong enough to complete heavy-duty work but also light enough to protect from back and arm strain over time. This commercial tool is available in a variety of lengths to grab even the hardest to reach areas without the use of ladders or lifts.

Ergonomically Designed Disaster Clean Up Tools

Unger designs commercial cleaning products with your workers’ safety needs top of mind. All disaster cleaning tools, including the trash grabbers and squeegees, keep workers safe with their ergonomic design. The handles’ comfortable design allows workers to easily use them for extended periods of time without unnecessary discomfort.

If safety and efficiency are priorities in your professional disaster and recovery relief operations, explore our portfolio of professional cleaning products that are designed to take your cleaning efforts to the next level.

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