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Cleaning Buckets

Floor Cleaning Buckets

Unger's selection of floor cleaning buckets and tools make cleaning and disinfecting floors and surfaces a priority. Commercial floor cleaning buckets with a double compartment cleaning bucket keep floors cleaner and safer than when using a traditional cleaning mop bucket. To complement its Pro Bucket, Unger designed a dual-compartment commercial mop bucket, isolating dirt and maximizing usage of cleaning solution for efficiency and cross contamination prevention.

Double Compartment Cleaning Buckets

A 2 bucket cleaning method is comprised of two buckets, one of which contains the water for rinsing the mop, which gets progressively dirtier, and one which contains clean water used for cleaning the floor, and which remains relatively clean throughout mopping.

Dual-bucket systems generally have the same design theme: two buckets are fitted to a chassis with either one or two wringers. Unger’s dual bucket mopping system and desk & table cleaning kit has been developed to offer a flexible, efficient and effective method of cleaning, and feature:

  • Dual-compartment bucket system that separates clean and dirty water
  • Easy to read fill guide for accurate chemical dilution
  • Rear-mounted dump spout or quick-release drain spout (32Qt)

SmartColor™ Floor Cleaning System

The Unger SmartColor™ Cleaning System is the first visual color-coding system designed to designate specific cleaning zones. This system allows facility managers and workers the ability to organize equipment and prevent cross-contamination when cleaning between work zones. Combined with a double compartment cleaning bucket, the results are improved performance, better sanitation, and cleaner facilities. The SmartColor™ Floor Cleaning Kit and SmartColor™ Floor Pack professional floor care systems feature:

  • Microfiber pads that reduce 96% of surface bacteria with less chemicals
  • Dual-compartment bucket that separates clean from dirty solution
  • SmartColor™ Decal Kit to customize for designated areas or tasks

In addition to cleaning buckets, Unger’s full line of SmartColor commercial cleaning products include: Cleaning Brushes, Cleaning Buckets, Microfiber Cloths, Microfiber Mops, SmartFit™ Floor Squeegee and Restroom Cleaning.

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Bucket with Sieve

Professional Window Cleaning Buckets

The right cleaning supply bucket is essential for holding water and cleaning solutions, allowing you to clean faster and easier. Durable and hardy, these supply buckets will stand the test of time and are designed for long-term use. The metal handles allow workers to transport the supply bucket comfortably with ease. For the past 50 years, Unger has created window cleaning tools that professionals trust to clean and maintain facilities across the globe. You can count on Unger for all of your professional window cleaning needs, from tool selection to expert storage and easy part replacements.
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Dual Compartment Mop Buckets
Unger's commercial floor cleaning buckets with dual bucket washing system keeps floors cleaner and safer than ever. Unger's selection of floor cleaning buckets and tools make hygiene a priority.  Unger designed a dual-compartment mop bucket, isolating dirt and maximizing usage of cleaning solution for efficiency and cross contamination prevention.
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Easy Adapter Hose
These professional cleaning bucket accessories are the finishing touch on your floor and window cleaning systems. Use our six-foot adapter hose to easily refill cleaning buckets from any convenient standard faucet. The SmartColor side bucket is a perfect way to expand storage on our dual-compartment buckets. Get even more out of your cleaning systems with these cleaning bucket accessories.
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