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Because a Healthier Environment Supports Healthier Patrons

Whether you’re managing a fitness studio, gym or sports venue, your business is based on supporting the well-being of others. And as part of your commitment to the health of others is your investment in commercial cleaning solutions that can successfully achieve the level of clean needed to not only keep your patrons healthy, but coming back again and again.

Unger’s innovative product lines provide your recreational facility with modern cleaning innovations for the cleanest, most disinfected facility possible. From your locker rooms and showers, to gym equipment and your high touch reception areas, our SmartColor color-coded cleaning solutions help disinfect and minimize the risk of cross-contamination in your facility. Combined with our emphasis on making high access cleaning easy, safe and green, Unger’s professional cleaning equipment will help you maintain a healthier environment in which people can focus on their health.

Studios and Group Fitness Classrooms

From small to large, studios and group fitness classrooms typical provide more than ample mirror space for all its patrons to keep an eye on their form and their instructors. With patrons passing in and out of the space frequently, it can become a challenge to keep both the mirrors and any additional windows or glass looking untouched as new patrons arrive.

Unger’s Stingray window and glass cleaner provides a faster and healthier clean, slashing cleaning time by 25% and chemical use by 39%, which is especially important when your business centers around the well-being of others. While the limited chemical use benefits your patrons, your staff’s health and safety is also kept top of mind.

With mirrors and windows covered, Unger’s color-coded microfiber mops address your specific floor cleaning needs. Your highly trafficked studio, along with any entryways, lobbies and reception areas, are cleaned more thoroughly than with the use of traditional cotton-based mopping systems that can leave behind unseen bacteria and contaminants that can be tracked between different areas of your facility.

Equipment, Ceiling Fans and Fixtures

Spotting dust in a facility that is supposed to be dedicated to physical health doesn’t reflect well on that facility’s commitment to supporting its patrons. Keeping equipment clean can be simple when it comes to what’s easy to see and reach, but for those high access surfaces, dust can easily accumulate without notice, and this challenge continues when it comes to your facility’s ceiling fans, fixtures and pipes.

Unger provides a huge selection of cleaning tools to assist your staff with dusting and high access cleaning work safely and quickly without the use of ladders. Unger’s color-coded line of microfiber cloths and ergonomically designed Sprayer on a Belt work to instantly cleanse surfaces of germs, soil particles and other contagions that traditional materials would leave behind on your equipment. They also require fewer harsh chemicals, lessening the overall environmental impact of cleaning while picking up dust.

For those hard to reach areas, our array of dusters, brushes and pads, combined with our Aluminum Telescopic Poles, allows your staff to easily reach trouble areas. By making ceiling and fixture maintenance easier and safer, your staff can more frequently perform these tasks that go a long way in reflecting your facility’s commitment to health.

Restrooms and Locker Rooms

The amount of moisture generated in your facility’s restrooms and/or locker rooms, accompanied by the large volume of people coming in and out of this area, make it a critical area of attention when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting.

Our dual bucket floor washing system leaves floors cleaner and safer by isolating dirt and maximizing usage of the cleaning solution. The end result is a highly efficient floor cleaning process that makes a significant impact on disinfection and cross contamination prevention efforts.

To tackle tougher scrubbing projects, such as restroom floor grime and tiles surfaces, Unger’s commercial cleaning brushes are designed for the job at hand. Our brushes' angled bristles reach corners, edges and grout lines, while ergonomic handles reduce bending and over-reaching.

A squeegee and brush in one, our Red Sanitary Brush is customized specifically for restroom cleaning. It is acid-resistant and constructed of non-corroding plastic with a double black foam-rubber squeegee and is perfect for drying tiles and grout lines, as well as our line of wall squeegees for streak free cleaning.

For penetrating smaller surfaces, the SmartColor™ Washer’s sleeve is long-lasting, durable and easy to wash. It also absorbs up to 6 times its own weight and the handle features a patented water well to provide additional water retention. Both the washer and sanitary brush come in an easily identifiable red to prevent cross-contamination.

Public Areas

Your reception area is the face of your facility once inside. An unkempt entrance and reception area speaks volumes for your business.

If your entrance and lobby include high access glass or windows, you understand that frequently cleaning these areas can be challenging when it comes to worker safety and cleaning efficiency. However with our Stingray window cleaning kit’s ability to access glass up to 18 feet, your staff can execute high access cleaning jobs safely from the ground. In addition to keeping you in line with OSHA ladder safety regulations, these tools deliver a streak-free clean, and a sparkling first impression.

For highly trafficked entrances and reception areas, Unger’s color-coded microfiber mops and dual bucket cleaning system clean more thoroughly than with the use of traditional cotton-based mopping systems that can leave behind unseen bacteria and debris. Complemented by our microfiber clothes to clean your reception area surfaces, you have the tools needed to build an impressive first or last impression as your patrons come and go.

Sidewalks and Parking Lots

Without proper attention, the sidewalks and parking lots that your patrons use pose a liability risk as they travel to your facility. Engineered to move up to twice as much debris and materials as competing models, Unger’s AquaDozer industrial floor squeegee  lets your staff easily remove snow, trash or other debris that can impact your patrons’ ability to safely access your facility.

Outdoor Window Washing

The condition of your outdoor glass reflects the image of your business and a streak-free clean sends an outward signal that you’re dedicated to providing a clean, healthy environment when they step inside your doors.

Unger’s HiFlo nLite water fed extension poles are lightweight and flexible, providing a perfect clean up to 5 stories high. Their extreme ease of use means you can eliminate outsourcing window cleaning while passing new 2018 OSHA requirements on ladder and lift safety. Moreover, the HydroPower pure water cleaning system deionizes your local water source for spotless, one step outdoor window washing that is eco-friendly and chemical free.

Eliminate out-sourcing and clean your outdoor glass safely and efficiently with pure water.

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The Unger Difference

Unger goes beyond the obvious, innovating to bring your recreational facility the cutting edge in commercial cleaning solutions. Whether it’s our avid insistence on avoiding contamination with our color-coded systems, or our award-winning window cleaning equipment, Unger brings you a swift, safe and green way of cleaning.

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