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Cleaning Chemicals


Safe Cleaning Products for Your Facility

Save time and energy by using not only the right tool for the job, but the right cleaning chemical solution, too! Unger's selection of professional cleaning chemicals are skin-friendly and non-toxic (you can find all of the ingredients in our cleaning chemicals listed on our SDS sheets). EasyGlide leaves behind a smooth surface for squeegees to clean, while RubOut glass cleaner removes hard-water stains, soap scum, and mineral deposits. Stingray Cleaning Liquid powers through interior dirt while adding a layer of protection that makes windows easier to clean over time, allowing custodians to work smarter and faster.

Glass Cleaning Solutions

Built-on, stubborn water stains on your facility’s windows are not only an eyesore, but they also present challenges for your custodians and take extra elbow grease and time to clean. Unger’s RubOut ready-to-use professional glass cleaner is specifically designed for removing unyielding stains from windows without harming the surface, including hard-water stains, rust, mineral deposits, limescale and soap scum, leaving your windows pristine and spot-free.

Unger’s East Glide Glass Cleaner is the ideal cleaning chemical solution to use with a squeegee. This 32 fl. oz. liquid window cleaner leaves behind a smooth surface for squeegees to effortlessly glide across and clean, removing all debris and filth in its path. Developed for industrial and commercial cleaning uses, this cleaning solution is a 100:1 concentrate that makes 25 gallons per quart and is ideal for cleaning large and high window surfaces.

The Pill Glass Cleaner is pre-measured and individually packaged. Simply mix two and a half gallons of water with the cleaning solution to create the glass cleaning solution. The Pill Glass Cleaner is available in 100 or 500 pill packs.

Chemical Cleaning Products Designed for Safety

Unger is committed to creating safe chemical cleaning products that are tough on the job but not on your cleaning staff. Our cleaning products are skin-friendly and non-toxic. Unlike other commercial cleaning products that can contain many harsh, toxic chemicals that pose health issues with exposure, such as eye, skin and respiratory irritation, Unger’s products are specially formulated using non-hazardous chemicals that are safe and non-toxic to the touch.

The chemical exposure in liquid cleaning products can lead to many adverse health effects over time that are still being studied. Professional cleaners and custodians represent a large workforce, and harsh cleaning products are common and widely utilized, which can lead to a major health issue.

Our diverse selection of window cleaning tools and cleaning solutions guarantee the perfect tool for every job.

If safety and efficiency are priorities in your commercial facility, explore our portfolio of professional cleaning products that are designed to take your cleaning efforts to the next level. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee for All Unger Products.

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