• Unger nLITE generation 2 waterfed pole system
  • Gen 2 waterfed pole

Generation 2 nLITE®

Cleaning windows safely from the ground has never been this powerful.

Unger’s Generation 2 nLITE® carbon water fed pole exemplifies innovation and high quality when it comes to outdoor window cleaning. Pure water is the fastest and most efficient way to clean glass surfaces and Unger’s lightweight and rigid nLITE® carbon water fed pole systems keep workers safe on the ground.

The nLITE telescopic window cleaning pole is designed to take your performance to new heights. Maximizing refined details and precision while minimizing time and effort spent getting organized for your work.

  • No twisting: trouble-free work and less wear and tear
  • Optimal stability-to-weight ratio
  • Greater pole rigidity
  • More precise control of the cleaning movement

Why a Carbon Water Fed Pole is Best

Telescopic water fed poles made from aluminum can get the job done, but these materials are heavy to maneuver and can be a safety risk when high pressure water runs through the pole during the window cleaning process.  As an alternative, a carbon water fed pole is as strong as steel but lighter and easier to maneuver than an aluminum pole. By decreasing the weight of the pole, window washers experience less fatigue and a better result with the ability to safely and easily clean windows up to a multitude of heights.

nLITE® window cleaning poles are ultra-lightweight, extremely durable and available in three choices of carbon:

  • CARBON COMPOSITE: High quality mix of carbon and glass fibers
  • CARBON 24K: Premium carbon fibers in a unique weave of 24,000 fibers per bundle

Carbon Water Fed Pole Attachments

nLITE power brushes, angle adapters and accessories make window cleaning faster, safer and more efficient. The power brush and angle adapter is a an innovative modular system that makes a difference because it offers almost limitless application options:

  • 2 brush widths combined with further equipment options
  • Angle Adapter System = maximum flexibility even in hard-to-reach places
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