• OmniClean Dual Bucket

OmniClean Floor Cleaning System

More Than Ever, You Must Truly Clean With The Right Tools

According to CDC Guidelines, during viral outbreaks its important to clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily. Experts recommend the use of microfiber to prevent cross-contamination because it picks up and releases dirt, bacteria and germs. The advantages of using dual-chamber buckets are more sanitary, hygienic floors, as well as environmental benefits and cost savings.

Choosing the right tools is crucial to the success of your cleaning process. Unger OmniClean minimizes spread of infectious disease by pairing bacteria reducing microfiber with a dual chamber bucket for the cleanest floors.

13X Cleaner

  • Turbidity tests reveal OmniClean mop water is cleaner on the 13th wring than a traditional string mop on the first wring

Effective Cleaning with OmniClean Microfiber

  • Removes 96% of floor bacteria
  • Dual chamber bucket leaves bacteria and grime in the dirty bucket
  • Pairs with floor disinfectant of choice

Sustainable Cleaning

  • Microfiber mop pad covers more square footage than
    traditional methods
  • OmniClean technology features efficient 1.5 gallon
    buckets for water and chemical savings

The OmniClean system is simple to use. It features a dirty solution bucket that will
always separate contaminated solution from the clean charge bucket. The scrub board
feature releases soil that the microfiber mop removes from the floor. The unique
wringer removes remaining contaminates depositing the into the dirty solution bucket.
Always mop with clean solution with OmniClean!

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