Category Solution Dusting High Access Sq 1

 High Access Cleaning

Unger has the tools you need for safely dusting and cleaning high access areas. Our diverse selection of window cleaning tools, dusters, brushes and bulb changers guarantees the perfect tool for every high access cleaning job. The Unger HiFlo nLite Pole System and our  Aluminum Telescopic Poles easily reach trouble areas making ceiling and fixture maintenance a safer, more frequently performed task. All of Unger’s poles have ergonomic handles for worker comfort. Extend your reach and your clean while keeping workers off ladders and safely on the ground. Innovation and ergonomics are always at the forefront of our research and product development to enable professionals to work faster, more efficiently and above all safely.
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Category Solution Floor Surface Sq 1

Professional Floor Cleaning Equipment

This huge selection of floor care equipment and supplies contains every tool needed for deep, efficient cleans. Find a variety of squeegees for fast water removal and choose from lightweight microfiber damp/dry mop pads or wet string mops. Our easy-to-use buckets and tool storing systems keep cleaning jobs fast and organized. Get your gym and commercial floors clean quickly and easily with the Wonder Waxer. Unger's industrial floor cleaning products offer everything you need for spotless floors and indoor surfaces!
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Cleaning Products for Restaurants
A spotless kitchen is essential for every restaurant. These food service cleaning tools are exactly what your custodial staff needs to give your facilities an even deeper clean. Our high heat grill squeegees and double-sided scrapers will make even the greasiest griddles sparkle. Use extendable poles for hand cleaning kitchen hoods, or try our ergonomic Sprayer on a Belt. No matter your kitchen cleaning needs, greasy buildup won't stand a chance against these tools!
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Category Solution Indoor Window Glass Sq 1

Unger's Best in Class Indoor Window Cleaning Tools & Equipment for Professionals

Find Unger's ISSA award-winning indoor window washing tools from ultrafine microfiber cloths to swivel-head T-bars, including accessories and supplies for window and glass cleaning. Enable your custodians to work faster and safer while achieving an even deeper clean. Our commercial squeegees, scrapers, and washers come with a huge variety of handle, head, and rubber or pad selections. See why custodians rely on these purpose-built, user-friendly window cleaning tools for the most professional results!
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Category Solution Litter Removal Sq 1
Find all the tools your staff needs to keep facilities free from litter. These tools and accessories are designed for safety and efficiency, keeping your custodians healthy and productive. Ergonomic handles and lightweight design help get cleaning jobs done fast. Keep your grounds spotless with these high-quality litter removal tools.
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Category Solution Outdoor Window Glass Sq 1

Professional Outdoor Glass & Window Cleaning Solutions & Tools

Find everything your custodial staff needs for pristine, sparkling outdoor glass and window washing. Unger's professional window cleaning tools,  include ergonomic waterfed brushes, washer sleeves and industrial window squeegees with a variety of abrasive finishes so you can optimally clean many different outdoor window and glass surfaces. Enable your custodians to clean outdoor windows efficiently with our selection of belts and carrying bags. Our HydroPower pure water window washing equipment is state of the art and comes with several options of light weight telescopic poles and handles for cleaning high windows up to 5 stories. From professional window cleaner equipment, tools, supplies and accessories, Unger has you covered.
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Category Solution Restroom Sq 1
Unger's restroom cleaning tools produce unparalleled results. You'll find mops, squeegees, sprayers, and brushes of all varieties. Whether your facility requires heavy duty deep cleaning or light daily maintenance, these tools get the job done. Most restroom cleaning carts are awkward, difficult to maneuver and are often poorly equipped. The RestroomRX System includes advancements in cleaning technology that make it possible to clean with confidence while increasing efficiency and reducing exposure to harmful germs. The lightweight and easily maneuverable RestroomRX cleaning cart is ergonomic and specifically designed to contain everything needed to properly service your facilities restrooms. The Unger microfiber mop technology eliminates the need for heavy, outdated and germ-spreading string mops and the dual compartment bucket system effectively cleans floors and prevents dirty water from entering the cleaning process. Microfiber cloths, brushes, cleaning pads and buckets assigned to clean specific areas in restrooms are quickly and easily identified by their designated color. Get started with Unger's restroom tools today for a deeper clean than ever before!
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Category Product Pure Water Cleaning Poles Sq 1
Unger has everything you need to Spring Clean your facility. Our diverse selection of window cleaning and maintenance tools guarantee the perfect clean, every time.
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