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Professional Light Bulb Changers

Effectively change the light bulbs at your facility while keeping your workers safe on the ground. Unger’s selection of high-access cleaning tools enables custodians to change bulbs quickly and safely with the use of telescopic poles. Choose from a variety of lightbulb changers, including the Sticky Fingers Bulb Changer, which easily adjusts to fit various shape bulbs. The tool’s rubber-coated spring steel fingers offer quality turning power that gets the job done with ease.

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How to Prevent Cross Contamination when Cleaning with SmartColor™ and Dual Bucket Technology

Every facility is unique when it comes to its footprint and cleaning protocols, which is why the Unger SmartColor™ Cleaning System is the first visual color-coding system designed to designate specific cleaning zones. This system allows facility managers and workers the ability to organize equipment and prevent cross-contamination when cleaning between work zones (example: using restroom mops in restroom areas only, not in public/food prep areas). The results are improved performance, better sanitation and cleaner facilities.
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Surface, table and desk cleaning tools designed to remove impurities before disinfection

Whether in schools, restaurants or other public spaces, dirt, debris and virus-laden droplets can remain infectious for several hours on surfaces. Viruses generally remain active longer on stainless steel, plastic and similar hard surfaces, making frequent surface cleaning imperative to limiting the spread of potentially harmful germs. Unger offers an array of surface, table and desk cleaning tools designed to minimize the spread of infectious diseases by removing impurities before the disinfecting process.  Our commercial cleaning solutions leverage:
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Whether your post-disaster cleaning needs are the result of natural disasters like flooding and hurricanes, or accidental water and fire damage, disasters of any sort can generate tons of debris. And not only is debris removal essential in getting back to normalcy, but also how quickly and effectively you manage the debris impacts the health and environmental challenges that disasters often pose. Getting Back to Normal, Faster and Safer Unger’s line of disaster recovery cleaning tools is designed to help get your facility back to business as usual after a disaster. With efficiency and safety top of mind, these commercial grade cleaning products integrate ergonomic handles and lightweight designs to help remove wet or dry waste faster and safer.
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Commercial High Dusting   

Unger’s line of commercial high access dusting tools are exactly what your custodial staff needs for cleaning high access work. Explore our wide selection of tools built for expertly cleaning ceiling fans, pipes, and fire damaged surfaces and all of your specialized cleaning needs. Use microfiber dusting cloths for hand cleaning and the Sprayer On a Belt for heavier applications. These tools ensure your interior and exterior surfaces stay dust-free. If your facility has the cleaning need, Unger has the professional tools to help workers get the job done. The StarDuster® Pro Ceiling Fan Duster contains thick, soft microfiber brush strands that clean all shape and size ceiling fans effortlessly. Hard-to-reach and unsightly cob webs are a thing of the past with the CobWeb Duster Brush that you can use with your existing Unger telescopic poles. The split-tipped soft poly fibers of the brush allow for effective indoor or outdoor dusting without the worry of scratching. If your facility contains shelves that are prone to dust collection, the StarDuster® Lambswool Duster is the superior dusting tool for the job. Combine the Lambswool Duster with Unger’s HiFlo nLite poles for high access cleaning projects. Try the High Access Dusting Starter Kit that includes everything you need to get the professional cleaning results your business demands.
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 High Access Cleaning

Unger has the tools you need for safely dusting and cleaning high access areas. Our diverse selection of window cleaning tools, dusters, brushes and bulb changers guarantees the perfect tool for every high access cleaning job. The Unger HiFlo nLite Pole System and our  Aluminum Telescopic Poles easily reach trouble areas making ceiling and fixture maintenance a safer, more frequently performed task. All of Unger’s poles have ergonomic handles for worker comfort. Extend your reach and your clean while keeping workers off ladders and safely on the ground. Innovation and ergonomics are always at the forefront of our research and product development to enable professionals to work faster, more efficiently and above all safely.
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More Than Ever, You Must Truly Clean With The Right Tools

Best Practices Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting

For over 50 years, we’ve supported the commercial cleaning industry with innovative products to help generate a faster, safer and cleaner experience. With this experience comes the knowledge of the technologies and tools that can help achieve the best level of results for specific environments and scenarios, in order to avoid the costs associated with infection spread.  According to The American Cleaning Institute (ACI), an estimated 50 million work days and 60 million school days are lost annually because of the common cold. And on top of that lost productivity and/or output, Americans spend about $5 billion each year on their colds – about $3 billion on doctors’ visits and $2 billion on treatments.
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Omni Clean Floor Cleaning System

Commercial Floor Cleaning Products & Surface Cleaning Equipment

Many commercial floor cleaning products are not actually cleaning because of the outdated tools being used. There’s a better and safer way to clean your facility. At Unger, we create groundbreaking innovations in floor care, including commercial floor cleaning, floor maintenance, floor finishing and water removal solutions.

This comprehensive selection of commercial floor cleaning systems includes tools, equipment and supplies for deep, efficient cleans. Find a variety of squeegees for fast water removal and choose from lightweight microfiber damp/dry mop pads or wet string mops. Our easy-to-use commercial cleaning buckets and tool storing systems keep cleaning jobs fast and organized. Finish commercial floors quickly and easily with the Wonder Waxer and Excella Floor Finishing Kit.

We offer floor care solutions for all hard surfaces, including hardwood, vinyl, porcelain, ceramic tile and more.

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Cleaning Products for Restaurants
A spotless kitchen is essential for every restaurant. These food service cleaning tools are exactly what your custodial staff needs to give your facilities an even deeper clean. Our high heat grill squeegees and double-sided scrapers will make even the greasiest griddles sparkle. Use extendable poles for hand cleaning kitchen hoods, or try our ergonomic Sprayer on a Belt. No matter your kitchen cleaning needs, greasy buildup won't stand a chance against these tools!
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Professional High Access Cleaning Tools

Is your facility or warehouse dust and debris free? If your facility features high access areas that need professional cleaning, Unger’s line of commercial cleaning tools specifically designed for tall spaces can effectively remove the layers of built-up dust and grime that have accumulated over time.

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Unger's Best in Class Indoor Window Cleaning Tools & Equipment for Professionals

Unger Stingray | Winner 2016 ISSA Innovation Award Unger’s indoor window washing tools range from ultra-fine microfiber cloths to swivel-head T-bars, including accessories and supplies for window and glass cleaning. Enable your custodians to work faster and safer while achieving an even deeper clean. Our commercial squeegees, scrapers, and washers come with a wide variety of handle, head, and rubber or pad selections. See why custodians rely on these purpose-built, user-friendly window cleaning tools for the most professional results!
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HydroPower Ultra

Professional Outdoor Glass & Window Cleaning Solutions & Tools 

Find everything your custodial staff needs for pristine, sparkling outdoor glass and window washing. Unger's professional window cleaning tools, include ergonomic waterfed brushes, washer sleeves and industrial window squeegees with a variety of abrasive finishes so you can optimally clean many different outdoor window and glass surfaces. Enable your custodians to clean outdoor windows efficiently with our selection of belts and carrying bags. Our HydroPower pure water window washing equipment is state of the art and comes with several options of light weight telescopic poles and handles for cleaning high windows up to 5 stories. From professional window cleaner equipment, tools, supplies and accessories, Unger has you covered.

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Commercial Restroom Cleaning Supplies and Professional Cleaning Supply Carts

Unger's restroom cleaning tools produce unparalleled results. You'll find commercial mops, squeegees, sprayers, and brushes of all varieties to suit every restroom cleaning need. Whether your facility requires heavy duty deep cleaning or light daily maintenance, these tools get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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solar panel cleaning 600x600 (2)
To achieve a variety of sustainability and energy preservation goals, many facilities, as well as residences, are installing solar panels to reduce their reliance on traditional power sources. To keep your investment operating at optimal efficiency, part of the post-installation costs includes regular cleaning and investment in the right solar panel cleaning equipment. Without regular cleaning, dirt and debris can build up on the panels, which over time  can cause a delay in the activation of your panels and a net loss in power generation.
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Spring Cleaning for Facilities

Make cleanliness a priority at your facility! Spring is a great time to focus on your facility cleaning and maintenance with Unger’s line of high-quality commercial tools. Unger has all the facility cleaning and maintenance tools you need to expertly Spring Clean your facility. Our diverse selection of window cleaning and maintenance tools guarantee the perfect clean, every time.

Completing a thorough deep clean of your facility comes with a number of benefits, including improved air quality, customer satisfaction and proper equipment maintenance. Maintenance includes cleaning and disinfecting to keep both employees and customers safe and healthy.

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Ergonomically Designed Trash Pick Up Sticks

Find all the trash pick up tools your staff needs to keep facilities free from litter. These debris removal tools and accessories are designed for safety and efficiency, keeping your custodians healthy and productive.

These heavy-duty tools can easily pick up litter of all sizes; ergonomic handles and lightweight design help get cleaning jobs done fast. The trash pick up tools are essentially a long pole that contain a trash grabber mechanism on the end. The claw of the cleaning tool contains a magnetized head that allows for the collection of nails, keys, coins and more, making it easy to pick up otherwise undetectable litter. The grips of the trash pick up stick are rubber which allows your workers to easily grab and release even the oddest shape litter items.

Keep your grounds spotless with these high-quality litter removal tools that also help keep your team safer. Without the need to repeatedly bend over to grab the trash, your team can work safely and comfortably, relieving physical strain while cleaning.

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