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The importance of maintaining clean government facilities is paramount to the daily operations of local, state and federal agencies and institutions. Responsible for maintaining not only employee work areas, janitorial staff maintain crowded public spaces, emergency response clean up and special event areas. The diverse needs of our government facilities’ janitorial staff demands the highest quality indoor and outdoor cleaning solutions. Keeping innovation, productivity and worker safety top of mind, Unger’s cleaning solutions let your staff work quickly and efficiently to achieve the results you require, and more.

Unger’s commitment to minimizing cross contamination is a top priority in public spaces that frequently host a large volume of foot traffic. From visitors, to special guests to employees, Unger’s SmartColor color-coded cleaning system assists in your efforts to limit the risk of cross-contamination between facility areas, affording your occupants and visitors a healthier environment.

Offices & Conference Rooms

A clean office environment ensures that employees are able to maintain a desirable level of productivity. Free of distractions and health hazards that can jeopardize their time at work, employees can make the most of their collective time and the public’s resources.

Cleaning each window in an office or conference room can be an incredibly time-consuming and chemically dependent process when utilizing traditional cleaning methods. As an alternative, Unger’s patented Stingray indoor window cleaning solution cuts cleaning time by a full 25% and slashes chemical use by 39%, for a faster and healthier level of clean. And the Stringray’s extendable window cleaning pole means your staff can get the job done quickly and more efficiently without the need to move chairs and furniture to access every window.

Microfiber is recommended to clean delicate computer screens and electronics without alcohol, drip gel or damaging chemicals. Unger’s premium microfiber cloths are 30 times finer than cotton, capable of removing dirt, dust and fingerprints from electronic devices so that they look like new and are kept dirt and dust free.

Lobbies & Public Spaces

These areas are points of connection between the public and government employees, which means they are also highly visible and trafficked. Maintaining clean and debris-free floors is one challenge, but high access areas and windows pose another.

High access areas typically require the use of lifts and/or ladders, which increases the safety risk to your cleaning staff. However, Unger’s patented Stingray indoor window cleaning solution enables staff to clean windows up to 18' from the ground. For high access dusting jobs, Unger’s cleaning tool attachments fit onto HiFlo nLite extension poles, making quick work of a traditionally time consuming job. While your staff is completing the tasks at hand, you’ll have the peace of mind in supporting government ladder regulations and OSHA requirements.

Unger’s microfiber mops and mop systems eliminate the need for heavy, outdated and germ-spreading traditional cleaning mop systems. Optimized for efficiency, our mops enhance floor safety and provide savings in both labor and materials. And with our SmartColor color coded microfiber mops you can strengthen your initiatives in minimizing cross contamination risks.

Restroom Cleaning

Dirty restrooms constitute the single most frequent complaint from occupants of large facilities of all kinds, but with Unger’s RestroomRX cleaning cart, your staff has the equipment needed to clean with efficiency, speed and safety.

Our janitorial carts’ patented clip system cuts down on cleaning time by securely fastening all of the necessary equipment within easy reach. This convenient access also avoids unnecessary and uncomfortable bending over that other cleaning carts require of workers.

The RestroomRX storage module allows your staff to drastically reduce or even eliminate trips back and forth to the supply closet for restocking. Plus, the narrow tool tower feature keeps all your workers’ tools and equipment within the width of the cart, keeping passersby safe and providing a seamless experience for your cleaning staff.

Outdoor Window Cleaning

Cleaning outdoor windows can be one of the riskiest and most time-consuming aspects of facility management considering the equipment typically needed to execute the job, making it easier (and costly) to outsource. The Unger HydroPower™ professional window cleaning equipment saves costs and eliminates traditional safety risks associated with outdoor window cleaning.

Combined with our nLite technologies, the HydroPower window cleaning system empowers your cleaning staff, with the ability to clean up to 5 stories high without the use of ladders and /or lifts – an effective clean with less OSHA liabilities

But the benefits of our HydroPower pure water systems don’t end there. The system utilizes your local water source to create pure, deionized water to clean windows in a single step, chemical-free.

Parking Lots & Sidewalks

Debris-free sidewalks and parking lots prevent possible injuries and provide an aesthetic value, but they also help foster a sense of pride in those who use your facilities each day.

Unger’s NiftyNabber Pro trash picker helps your cleaning crew pick up even the hardest to reach pieces of litter quickly and safely.  The NiftyNaber Pro completely eliminates contact between your cleaning crew and the trash they pick up, helping them to avoid contact with possible health risks that could result in a loss of worker productivity.

During the winter months, an emergency response clean up or construction project, Unger’s AquaDozer® heavy duty squeegee ensures that your cleaning crew maximizes its efficiency when tackling larger efforts.  The AquaDozer’s unique curved blade means it can move up to twice as much snow and debris as competing industrial floor squeegees.

Cafeterias and Kitchens

Cafeterias and kitchens pose some of the largest health risks to building occupants and one of the most frequent challenges for cleaning staff.  Apart from the requirement of quickly cleaning a large number of tables, dusting high access lights can compromise both time utilization and worker safety.

Unger’s microfiber solutions include cleaning cloths for tables and kitchen surfaces and dusting tools that are attachable to our HiFlo nLite extension poles. Together these microfiber solutions make quick work of dust on both easy and high access areas, such as lights, ledges and more.

While microfiber inherently saves water during the cleaning process, it also eliminates debris and germs that other cleaning methods would typically miss.  Enhanced by Unger’s SmartColor color coded system, you cut down on cross-contamination risks by using different colored cloths for each cleaning area in your facility.

Solar Panels

Many facilities are adopting the use of solar panels to achieve a variety of sustainability and energy preservation goals. In order to maintain efficiency, it's imperative that solar panels are kept clean. Without regular cleaning, dirt and debris can crust on to your panels, which over time, can cause a delay in the activation of your panels and a net loss in power generation (in some cases up to 30%).

The Unger HiFlo nLite HydroPower system is the optimal solution for clean and fully functional solar panels. It uses pure water for a streak-free clean, and its Solar Brush is specially designed for safe use on solar panel surfaces.  Consistently cleaning your panels will boost your solar yield over the lifetime use of your panels.

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The Unger Difference

Unger goes beyond the obvious, innovating to bring your government facility the cutting edge in commercial cleaning solutions.  Whether it’s our avid insistence on avoiding contamination with our color-coded systems, or our award-winning window cleaning equipment, Unger brings you a swift, safe and green way of cleaning.


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