Category Product Brushes Sq 1
This selection of commercial cleaning brushes is perfect for all your cleaning and scrubbing projects. Whether cleaning outdoor windows with pure water or powering through restroom floor grime, Unger cleaning brushes are designed for the job at hand. Make each job easier with our cleaning brushes' innovative designs and high-quality materials. Angled bristles reach corners, edges, and grout lines while ergonomic handles reduce bending and over-reaching.
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Dual Compartment Mop Buckets

Floor Cleaning Buckets

Unger's selection of floor cleaning buckets and tools make cleaning and disinfecting floors and surfaces a priority. Commercial floor cleaning buckets with a double compartment cleaning bucket keep floors cleaner and safer than when using a traditional cleaning mop bucket. To complement its Pro Bucket, Unger designed a dual-compartment commercial mop bucket, isolating dirt and maximizing usage of cleaning solution for efficiency and cross contamination prevention.
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Smart Equipment, Tools & Janitor Cleaning Carts  Unger's professional cleaning carts support all your cleaning needs for commercial cleaning facilities, from restroom cleaning to floors and windows. These commercial cleaning carts are purpose-designed to meet custodians' needs for daily and project cleaning. Enable your custodial team to clean faster and more productively with ergonomic, efficiently designed janitorial cleaning carts.
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Category Product Chemicals Sq 1
  Safe Cleaning Products for Your Facility Save time and energy by using not only the right tool for the job, but the right cleaning chemical solution, too! Unger's selection of professional cleaning chemicals are skin-friendly and non-toxic (you can find all of the ingredients in our cleaning chemicals listed on our SDS sheets). EasyGlide leaves behind a smooth surface for squeegees to clean, while RubOut glass cleaner removes hard-water stains, soap scum, and mineral deposits. Stingray Cleaning Liquid powers through interior dirt while adding a layer of protection that makes windows easier to clean over time, allowing custodians to work smarter and faster.
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Hang Ups
Use Unger's convenient organizers and cleaning tool holders to streamline your commercial cleaning process. Our sturdy, padded belt and strong black leather holsters are perfect for carrying squeegees and T-bars. Separate clean tools and cloths from dirty ones with our pouches and tool holders. Your team will be able to work more quickly and productively with these professional quality cleaning tool holsters.
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StarDuster® Pipe Brush

A Wide Variety of Unger Dusters

Unger's variety of dusters for cleaning and dusting tools make quick work of even the highest access jobs. Find a dust remover of every material, from a microfiber duster to lambswool duster options. Our innovative StarDuster line offers purpose-built ceiling fan and pipe brushes. Our wide selection of dust cleaner tools and supplies - adapters, clips, and cones - allows you to customize the right dusting tool for the job. With the use of Unger dusters, dirt and grime don't stand a chance!
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Ergo Dustpans with Brooms

Commercial Broom and Dustpans

Unger offers a wide variety of professional tools to help you achieve a new level of cleanliness when it comes to your commercial floors. Enhance your cleaning efforts with Unger’s commercial broom and dustpan set! Our unique telescopic dustpan and broom design are made to fit the needs of the widest variety of cleaners.

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Unger Excella™ Floor Finishing Kit 18"

Professional Cleaning Tools for Floors and Finishing Kits

Traditional floor mopping systems lack the ability to truly clean given their outdated design features, leaving dirt and infectious germs behind that work against your efforts to produce a cleaner facility. At Unger, we create groundbreaking innovations in floor care, including commercial cleaning tools for floor and floor finishing solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your facility and specific cleaning procedures. Our comprehensive selection of floor maintenance equipment supports the cleaning of all hard surfaces, including hardwood, vinyl, porcelain, ceramic tile and more, and designed to support the cleaning protocols of:
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nLITE generation 2 power brush

Cleaning windows safely from the ground has never been this powerful.

Unger’s Generation 2 nLITE® carbon water fed pole exemplifies innovation and high quality when it comes to outdoor window cleaning. Pure water is the fastest and most efficient way to clean glass surfaces and Unger’s lightweight and rigid nLITE® carbon water fed pole systems keep workers safe on the ground. The nLITE telescopic window cleaning pole is designed to take your performance to new heights. Maximizing refined details and precision while minimizing time and effort spent getting organized for your work.
  • No twisting: trouble-free work and less wear and tear
  • Optimal stability-to-weight ratio
  • Greater pole rigidity
  • More precise control of the cleaning movement
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OptiLoc™ 2-section Poles

Industrial Tool Handles for Your Every Cleaning Need

Unger’s commercial cleaning tools are expertly crafted for efficiency, ease and quality. Just like the tools you select for the job, choosing the right cleaning tool handle is equally important. As always, you can count on Unger to deliver the fitting accessory for all your commercial cleaning tools. Browse the wide selection of tool handles that fits your cleaning tool. From simple knock-down poles for easy assembly to robust aluminum handles, there is no job too difficult for Unger cleaning tool handles. Get the most out of your mops and flooring accessories by pairing them with the highest quality handles available on the market. We design Unger cleaning tool handles to be ergonomic and user-friendly and will quickly become an asset in your commercial cleaning efforts.
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Pro Restroom Cleaning Kit
Unger's Commercial Janitorial Tools and Restroom Supplies Focus on Efficiency, Cleanliness & Safety Choose from a wide variety of restroom cleaning tools and janitorial supplies and products to help your custodians work more safely and efficiently. Brushes and squeegees have head shapes designed for easy access to every corner, and hygienic brush holders keep bacteria isolated. Select from light, medium, or heavy-duty mops with extendable handles and microfiber pads. Ergonomic extension poles help janitors reach high windows, mirrrors and walls with ease. Color-coded microfiber cloths and dual compartment mop buckets prevent cross contamination. Bring your cleaning to a deeper level with these professional restroom cleaning tools.
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Category Product Bulb Changers Sq 1

A Complete Selection of Professional Light Bulb Changers

Take your cleaning operations to new heights with Unger’s selection of professional high ceiling light bulb changers.  Find all the tools you need for safe, precision light bulb replacement and glass cleanup. Unger's light bulb changers are made for a variety of bulb shapes and able to change most bulbs present in a facility. Insulated designs keep custodians safe from heat while changing bulbs, and long pole handles keep feet on the ground and off dangerous ladders and lifts. Change lightbulbs quickly and easily with these high ceiling light bulb changers!

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NiftyNabber® Pro

Litter Removal Tools - Nabbers, Grabbers and Baggers

When litter is a problem, Unger's professional cleaning tools are your solution. These litter removal tools and accessories are designed for safety and efficiency, minimizing strain and injury. No bending, no backaches. Great for retrieving out-of-reach objects high and low. Ergonomic handles and a lightweight design help get cleaning jobs done fast. Keep your grounds spotless with these high-quality litter removal tools.
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Category Product Microfiber Cloths Sq 1

Unger MicroWipe™ Microfiber Cloths

Simply put, microfiber is one of the most important developments in cleaning technology in years. Microfiber cloths can help you lower the risk associated with harmful contaminants, improve your facility’s image at the lowest possible cost and reduce occupant complaints. As the name states, fibers are repeatedly split in the manufacturing process to make microfibers. Microfibers are knitted into a soft, reusable cleaning cloth that is 30 times finer than cotton. The microfiber’s cleaning surface is packed with filaments that trap soil, remove bacteria and absorb moisture for streak-free cleaning.
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MM40 Series 1

Unger's Microfiber Mops & Mop Systems for Superior Cleaning

Keep floors cleaner and safer with Unger's selection of floor cleaning tools, microfiber flat mops, microfiber string mops, and floor mopping systems. Built to exceed cotton mops in longevity and cleanliness, microfiber technology eliminates the need for heavy, outdated and germ-spreading traditional cleaning mop systems. A comprehensive flat mop system makes a significant difference in your facility's health and your floor's appearance. Studies demonstrate that flat mop systems, especially when used with microfiber mop heads, optimize efficiency, enhance floor safety and provide savings in labor and materials.
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Pure Water Window Cleaning for Professional Outdoor Window Washing up to 5 Stories

The Unger HydroPower®  pure water window cleaning systems are designed to be the perfect fit for professional window cleaners that demand the best for their window washing services. Complemented with water fed pole systems and water fed brushes, our pure water window cleaning kits reach windows up to 5 stories high to tackle dirt and grime. Engineered to be portable, easy to operate and extremely efficient, Unger HydroPower systems are at the cutting-edge of pure water innovation for the cleaning industry.
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Black Series Power Rubber RR35G

Rubber Cleaning Tools

Before professionally cleaning windows, ensure you have the right tools to complete the job efficiently, effectively and safely. Choose from a wide variety of rubber for Unger’s window cleaning tools designed for a better glide and streak-free performance. No matter the conditions, find the rubber you need for the job. Hard rubber packs are ideal for optimum liquid removal on large, flat surfaces and work well for warmer temperatures. Soft rubber tools conform to uneven surfaces and are ideal for cooler environments. With this professional rubber selection, you can enable professionals to take window cleaning to the next level.
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Trim/Glass Scraper Replacement Blades

A Complete Selection of Scraper Blades

Unger’s selection of glass and floor scraper blades offers everything you need to sufficiently remove residue and buildup from floors and glass surfaces. As with every tool, control, durability, and precision are built into every Unger blade. Find premium glass scraper blades, safety scrapers, and carbon steel scraper blades and more. Tough enough to scrape on concrete and precise enough to work on glass, our scraper blades are designed to be utilized in the widest array of environments. All replacement blades are packed in a convenient reclosable plastic tray so blades are kept safe and dry.

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ErgoTec® Ninja Scrapers
Our scraper tool selection offers everything you need to keep flat surfaces clean. Glass scrapers are perfect for removing paint and stickers. Grill scrapers keep cooking surfaces spotless. Floor scrapers will remove even the toughest adhesives. You'll find the right cleaning scraper for the job, whether your cleaning calls for reversible blades, extra safety features, or adjustable working angles. Work safer, faster, and produce a better clean than ever before!
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ErgoTec® Ninja Squeegees
At Unger, the window cleaning industry is both where the company started and where we continue to be a world leader. For the past 50 years, we have created tools professionals trust to clean and maintain facilities across the globe. We continue to innovate to enable faster, safer and more efficient window cleaning tools. Whether you need to clean glass, floors, or griddles, Unger offers a huge variety of ergonomically designed cleaning squeegees, scrapers, and washers. Select from our diverse selection of classic brass squeegees, the innovative line of ErgoTec Ninja tools, washer/squeegee combinations or multi-surface scrapers. Our handles and pole designs eliminate unnecessary movement and height dangers while increasing speed and efficiency. Unger remains committed to providing tools designed to enhance the working conditions of all window maintenance professionals, no matter how frequent the use.
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Category Product Tbars Sleeves Sq 1

Professional T Bar Cleaning Tools and Sleeves for Window Washing and More

Choose from a wide variety of professional cleaning t bar attachments and sleeves. These T bars' ergonomic handles are designed for faster, more efficient cleaning, and water wells create increased water retention. With options like built-in scrubbing bristles or extra-long fibers, you can attack every type of cleaning job. Keep flat surfaces shining with these professional t bar cleaning supplies.

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HiFlo™ nLite Hybrid Starter Kit

Extension Poles for High Access Cleaning

From telescopic cleaning poles to the award winning nLite extension pole, safety and strength go hand in hand with Unger high access cleaning products. Our lightweight, easy-to-assemble telescopic poles reach to height of 60 feet and beyond, keeping workers safely on the ground. Pro Aluminum handles are perfect for preventing bending and back injuries. No matter the job, Unger has the right extension pole to meet the needs of your clean.
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ErgoTec® Set

Professional Window Cleaning Solutions with a Complete Line for All Glass Cleaning Needs

For over 50 years, Unger has created innovative professional window cleaning tools for professionals to clean and maintain facilities across the globe. We continue to innovate to enable faster, safer and more efficient glass and window cleaning to provide value to the services you offer your customers. Our commercial window washing tools, kits, equipment and supplies will help your custodial staff with quick daily cleans, hard-to-reach areas and deep cleaning projects. These award-winning professional window cleaning tools have durable microfiber cleaning pads and ergonomic handles. and are capable of extending your reach up to 55’ with the use of nLite telescoping carbon poles. Unger has the tools you need for safely cleaning high access and hard to reach windows without the use of ladders or lifts. Our diverse selection of window cleaning tools guarantee the perfect tool for every job.
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