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Disaster Recovery

Whether your post-disaster cleaning needs are the result of natural disasters like flooding and hurricanes, or accidental water and fire damage, disasters of any sort can generate tons of debris. And not only is debris removal essential in getting back to normalcy, but also how quickly and effectively you manage the debris impacts the health and environmental challenges that disasters often pose.
Getting Back to Normal, Faster and Safer
Unger’s line of disaster recovery cleaning tools is designed to help get your facility back to business as usual after a disaster. With efficiency and safety top of mind, these commercial grade cleaning products integrate ergonomic handles and lightweight designs to help remove wet or dry waste faster and safer.

Commercial Grade Post-Disaster Cleaning Tools

After any disaster, facilities want to re-open as quick as possible and host people wanting to resume their normal lives. Following are some of the commercial cleaning tools that aid facility managers and building service contractors in restoring facilities post-disaster.

  • Floor Squeegees: Heavy duty floor squeegees like Unger’s AquaDozer easily remove water and debris from a multiple of floor surfaces, including uneven surfaces like grouted tile.  The AquaDozer Max Floor Squeegee moves up to 2x more compared to competition using its unique curved blade and durable steel body for tough demands, such as flood clean up. And for lighter jobs, we offer  brush/squeegee combinations for general purpose cleaning.
  • Heavy Duty String Mops: Unger offers a variety of microfiber string mops with each one designed to meet the needs of specific levels of durability and absorbency. Constructed from the highest grade microfiber, the Heavy Duty RoughMop String Mop increases its cleaning power with a 6″ scrub pad material on its headband, making it ideal for post-disaster cleaning jobs.
  • Litter Removal Tools: Litter removal tools are essential for retrieving out of reach objects high and low, or objects that could potentially harbor dangerous germs, such as contaminated debris from a disaster. These nabbers and grabbers, when combined with ergonomic handles, can help you get disaster recovery cleaning jobs done faster and at a safe distance from hazardous materials.
  • Aluminum Poles: Unger’s aluminum poles fit a full range of commercial cleaning tools, including washers, squeegees, dusters, and brushes. No matter what the job, from everyday routine cleaning to heavier duty disaster recovery, our pole and handle designs eliminate unnecessary movement and height dangers, helping custodial crews and cleaning services to maintain their own personal safety and at a safe distance from contaminated debris.
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