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Traditional Glass Cleaner Tools

Commercial Glass Tool for Cleaning Windows

Find everything your custodians need for crystal clear indoor window and glass cleaning. Streaks, spots and built-on debris won't stand a chance with Unger’s vast selection of glass squeegees and scrapers. Holsters, belts, and pouches help custodians organize tools for a faster, safer clean. Our premium ErgoTec tools are adjustable and extendable, reaching even the toughest corners and highest heights.

Comprehensive Indoor Glass Cleaning System

At Unger, we understand the unique cleaning needs of your facility. Whether your pain points involve reaching high access spaces, hard to reach areas or removing tough, baked on grime, we have a professional window cleaning solution to meet your needs.

High Access Tools for Glass Cleaning

Keeping your custodian’s feet on the ground during cleaning operations is not only a matter of safety, but also aids in maximizing efficiency. Unger’s line of window cleaning extension poles, such as the Unger Stingray, features an innovative ergonomic design that allows custodians to achieve a healthier level of cleanliness while easing the physical stress of cleaning. This indoor glass tool cleans 25% faster and uses 39% less cleaning agent than traditional spray and cloth cleaning. This design fits right into the worker’s hands and features a textured grip to enhance handling abilities for long periods of time.

To get started, you can also try the ErgoTec Glass Cleaning Set which includes a selection of ergonomic window cleaning tools, all located in a convenient, durable storage case.

Professional Glass Cleaning Squeegees

Achieve a streak-free shine on your window surfaces every time with the help of a professional glass squeegee! We are proud to offer the most advanced squeegee on the market, the ErgoTec Ninja Squeegee which features a swivel and TriLoc safety function, making cleaning hard to reach areas easier than ever before. The extruded Aircraft Aluminum T6 Channel is lightweight and will not bend, making it ideal for high access cleaning.

The Pro Stainless Steel Squeegee with an ergonomic rubber grip features a fast lock for quick channel changes. Complete with ErgoTec Soft Rubber, this premium glass tool is designed for professional cleaning efforts.

Windows Scrapers that are Tough on Grime, Easy on Glass

Does caked on debris have your indoor windows looking less than optimal? Don’t let your customers’ first impression suffer because you are not using the right professional glass cleaning tools to get the job done! The Maxi Scraper is a versatile tool for almost all your indoor window scraping needs. With a rubber coated handle and ergonomic design, your custodians will have no problem using this glass tool for extended periods of time. The protection cap featured on the blade ensures safety during each use.

For smaller jobs, try the Mini Scraper that still packs a punch on built-on debris. The Mini Scraper easily snaps open for quick blade replacement.

Indoor Glass Tool Accessories

Unger offers all the essential components when it comes to indoor window cleaning. Store your indoor professional window cleaning supplies in the Pro Bucket. The Pro Bucket is heavy-duty that can hold over six gallons of liquid and is designed with ergonomic features for easy handling. The storage container includes measuring units, a large footprint for increased stability and rounded pour spouts on two corners for easy emptying.

If safety and efficiency are priorities in your commercial window washing operations, explore our portfolio of professional cleaning products designed to take your cleaning efforts to the next level.

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