• Unger Stingray Window Cleaning System

Stingray Refillable System

Window & Surface Cleaning Equipment that Cleans Up to 25% Faster

The Stingray Refillable System is an ideal choice for your surface cleaning equipment needs thanks to its unique ability to clean a variety of surfaces, including glass, windows, mirrors, plexiglass, desks, walls, countertops and more. The Stingray window, glass & surface cleaning system features:

  • An enclosed nozzle design that eliminates airborne cleaning chemicals.
  • A Quick Click Attachment Extension Pole that can reach up to 18' without ladders or lifts.
  • A refillable bottle that gives a choice for cleaning and/or disinfectant chemicals.
  • Cleaning pad flexibility with the ability to use either microfiber cleaning technology or disposable QuikPads.

The Stingray surface cleaning tool completes tasks up to 25% faster than alternative methods, allowing cleaning staff to quickly remove dirt and germs prior to disinfection. With contaminants removed from the surface, disinfectants can more effectively kill any remaining germs.

Safely and Efficiently Clean All Your Indoor Glass & Surfaces

Cleaning professionals face two key challenges when cleaning indoor surfaces such as windows, mirrors, tabletops and elevators: safety and efficiency. Current surface cleaning equipment leads to time-consuming and dangerous issues, like re-arranging furniture and reaching high or unusually positioned windows. Unger’s line of indoor window, glass and surface cleaning tools increase productivity and safety by eliminating time spent moving furniture or climbing ladders.

And because the Stingray surface cleaning system uses 39% fewer chemicals than other alternatives, building occupants and cleaning staff enjoy a safer environment with fewer airborne chemicals left behind for inhalation.

Leverage the Convenience of a Disposable Pad Option

The Stingray Refillable system is compatible with Unger’s lint free, easy glide microfiber pads that collect dust, erase fingerprints and remove grease. However, if you are looking for greater convenience, the disposable QuikPad™ option and Adapter Plate provide even more flexibility, allowing you to clean up to 150sq ft at a time, without having to launder pads.

Unger Stingray Refillable System - Frequently Asked Questions:

How much can I clean with one Stingray QuikPad before it needs to be disposed of?
With low to medium dirt levels, one QuikPad can clean up to 150 square feet per pad.

How much glass can I clean with one pouch of Glass Cleaner?
With low to medium dirt levels, one glass cleaner pouch can be used to clean up to 1,600 sq ft.

How much cleaner should I spray?
A one second spray dispenses enough solution to clean about 10 sq ft.

Can I use cleaning liquid in the refill bottle?
Do not use liquids other than conventional multi-surface or window and glass cleaner. Do not use with concentrates, creams, gel abrasive formulas or chemicals containing bleach.

What type of batteries does the Stingray use?
2 - AA Batteries (alkaline, heavy duty or rechargeable). Included with kits.

How high can I clean with the Stingray?
You can safely reach up to 18’ from the ground without the use of ladders.

How can I get more QuikPads?
Contact your distributor to order refills.

I have additional questions that are not on this list.
Contact Unger Customer Service at 1-800-431-2324 or unger@ungerglobal.com

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