Stingray®Refillable Microfiber Cleaning Kit 10′

The award-winning Unger Stingray Refillable Microfiber Cleaning Tool quickly cleans your indoor surfaces drip-free and easily reaches high access areas without the need for ladders. Whichever Stingray you choose, its unique design cleans windows up to 25% faster with 39% less chemicals.

The new Stingray Refillable Microfiber Cleaning System allows you to use your preferred cleaning and/or disinfecting solution while still gaining all the safety, speed and cleaning benefits Stingray provides.

  • Perfect tool for cleaning indoor glass, windows and mirrors
  • Enclosed spray nozzle prevents chemicals from becoming airborne
  • Triangular handle and pole shape facilitates comfortable grip
  • Refillable 5 oz Bottle allows you to use your preferred cleaning solution
  • Kit includes 2 – 13.0mm looped pile long microfibers for removing heavy dirt and grime
  • Wash cycle: 300
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SRKB4 761475657907 10'
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Kit Includes:

Part # UPC # Product
SREPL Stingray Extension Poles (2)
SREPS Stingray Extension Poles
SRPD2 Stingray Glass Washing Pads (2)
SRBT1 Stingray® Refillable Bottle (2)
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