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Pure Water Systems

Professional window cleaning with pure water systems is the fastest and most efficient way to clean outdoor glass surfaces. With Unger's cutting-edge HydroPower® Ultra, HydroPower® RO and nLite pole technologies, there is a pure water cleaning solution for every facility's needs. Our HydroPower systems are the most efficient DI and RO pure water cleaning kits on the market, far exceeding standard efficiency.

Unger’s HydroPower pure water systems for professional window cleaning keeps workers firmly on the ground while leaving windows spotless.

  • When paired with an nLITE Water Fed pole, the HydroPower window washing systems clean windows up to five stories high - eliminating the risk of ladder fall injuries.
  • The compact and efficient HydroPower Ultra pure water system utilizes Unger’s resin bags to filter basic tap water into pure, deionized water. The Ultra Resin packs include an intuitive color coded system and a KeyLock feature to assist with proper resin installation.
  • The proven RO technology of the HydroPower® RO relies on a 3-stage filtration process with 0 ppm outgoing pure water. BOOST mode provides a strong tab waterjet on demand for prewashing heavily soiled surfaces and removing cobwebs and dirt from hard to reach areas.
  • Because pure, deionized water attracts dirt and grime, there is no need for detergents or chemicals.
  • Windows are cleaned in a single step.
  • Pure water cleaning provides a spot-free finish and reduces the environmental impact on the surrounding area.
  • Once your windows are clean, the HydroPower pure water window cleaning equipment stores easily, allowing for frequent access and use.

Selecting which Unger pure water window cleaning system is right for you depends on:

  1. The desired level of water purity for your window cleaning needs and the hardness level of your water source;
  2. Your budget for the upfront cost and ongoing expenses for resin replacement or regeneration;
  3. The required water production rate for your higher-story window cleaning;
  4. Your wastewater considerations; and
  5. The practicality and convenience of each system.
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