Hydropower Ultra Savings Calculator

See how you can save money using the Hydropower Ultra Pure Water Cleaning System versus hiring a window cleaner to clean your outside windows!!!

Hydropower UltraWindow Cleaning Contractor
Outsourcing Costs0
Overhead Costs0
Hydropower Kit Cost 0
Resin Bag Refills0
Window Cleaning Cost
Savings Over 10 Years

Please note, Unger recommends buying 1 extra Resin Bag Refill SKU to have as backup when cleaning windows (this is incorporated into the ROI Calculator)

Estimates Based on the Following Assumptions
11 ftAverage Story Height
12 sq ftAverage Window Size
6-10 minutesAverage Minutes per window
1 Hydropower Ultra SkuEvery 13 Buildings Cleaned
1 Resin Bag Refill SkuEvery 500 Windows Cleaned
$99Price Resin Bags UHPR1 (1 Stage)
$292Price Resin Bags UHPR3 (3 Stage)
8Life of UHPR1 (# HOURS)
24Life of UHPR3 (# HOURS)
6Minutes per window (Stories 1-3)
10Minutes per window (Stories 4-6)
Labor Cost Per Window (Based on hourly rate/stories input)
Minutes per Window Total (Based on stories input)
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