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Restroom Cleaning

More Than Ever, You Must Truly Clean With The Right Tools

Now is the time to refocus your cleaning efforts to help prevent the transmission of germs and viruses in every area of your building. This is particularly important for high volume, public areas such as education facilities.

For restroom cleaning, Unger recommends utilizing microfiber technology which had proven to remove up to 96% of surface bacteria ((70% better than cotton string mops according to the EPA). Combined with color-coded cleaning products that reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination and a dual bucket mopping system that prevents contaminated water from entering the cleaning process, you can effectively clean restroom floors and fixtures at this critical time.

Dual Bucket System

    • Improved Hygiene & Ergonomic Design

The Unger Dual Bucket sets the standard for cleaning efficiency and hygiene, designed to reduce cross-contamination and improve cleaning by separating clean solution from rinse water and reducing mop head re-soiling.


      • Tool Clip System

The patented clip system keeps all tools securely attached while you are moving down the hall. No bending or reaching to get tools out/off of the cart.

      • Flat Mop vs. String Mops

Flat mops are significantly lighter and faster than traditional string mops reducing mop-related worker injuries.


      • Storage System

The cart system is designed with multiple storage areas for cleaning products. This eliminates the need for return trips to the facility's supply room.

      • Ergonomic Design/Maneuverability

The ergo handrail and narrow tool tower design allows workers to push or pull the cart with ease while maneuvering in and out of restroom entrances quicker and easier.


      • Dual-Purpose Design Advantage

The base of the cart acts as a drip tray, catching excess liquid and eliminating drips on restroom or hallway floors.

      • On-Board Instructions

The cart system includes bilingual instructions (English/Spanish) detailing Unger's 8-Step Restroom Cleaning Process to provide the best clean for your facility.

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