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Water Removal

Flood Clean Up & Water Removal Tools by Unger

Be prepared when disaster strikes with Unger’s line of flood and disaster recovery tools. Cleaning up water and debris as quickly as possible is key for reducing water-related damage, which makes having the right cleanup tools on hand critical. Unger’s disaster recovery cleaning tools will help get your facility back to business as usual after a disaster. With efficiency and safety top of mind, these commercial-grade cleaning products incorporate ergonomic handles and lightweight designs to help remove water and debris quickly and safely.

Find all the tools you need for efficient water removal on your facility’s floors and surfaces. Unger offers a selection of squeegees with pivoting channels for light or medium industrial applications, and WaterWands use a flush-and-rinse design to remove water easily from grouted tile or non-slip surfaces. Our color-coding system prevents cross-contamination. With these ergonomic tools, your custodians will be able to keep floors drier and cleaner than ever.

Commercial Squeegee Cleanup Tools

Unger creates tools specifically designed for the cleanup task at hand, whether it’s a quick job or one that requires a heavy duty tool. For example, the AquaDozer Eco floor squeegee is ideal for the quick and easy removal of water and debris. Designed with a 14 gauge galvanized steel frame with black EPDM rubber, this tool is sturdy, durable and efficient.

For heavier duty jobs, Unger creates specialized commercial products that are designed specifically for disaster recovery and flood cleanup. The heavy-duty AquaDozer® Max floor squeegee is proven to move up to 2X more water compared to the competition, cutting costs on time and labor. The unique curved blade maximizes cleaning performance when used on smooth surfaces such as asphalt and concrete.

If a tile cleanup tool is required, try the Unger Ergo Tile Squeegee. This tile squeegee is 14” and expertly dries and cleans tile, grout lines and uneven surfaces. The dual blade is made of a soft white moss rubber and leaves no streaks on tiles behind.

The SmartFit WaterWand Heavy Duty floor squeegee removes water quickly and easily from uneven floor surfaces, such as grouted tile. Designed with a double black foam-rubber blade, this tool includes a flush and rinse design that reduces harmful bacteria buildup which can be common in flood waters. Built with an extra strong frame made of heavy duty galvanized steel, the SmartFit WaterWand Heavy Duty will stand up to large scale jobs.

Ergonomically Designed Water Removal Tools

In the professional cleaning industry, Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) can develop over time from performing cleaning operations that involve pushing, pulling, reaching, bending, and lifting. While cleaning-related tasks may seem simple to perform, over long periods of time, repeated movements can lead to soft tissue and nerve damage.

Unger’s tools, including flood removals tools, are created with comfort, safety and ease top of mind. Ergonomically designed handles allow workers to easily use them for extended periods of time without unnecessary discomfort. Tools are created with a lightweight design and are manageable to use for extended periods.

If safety and efficiency are priorities in your professional disaster and flood clean up operations, explore our portfolio of professional cleaning products that are designed to take your cleaning efforts to the next level.

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