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Waterfed Poles

Unger's wide variety of telescopic waterfed poles provide efficiency, safety and a new standard of clean for your professional window washing operations. Using the power of pure water cleaning, waterfed poles reach new heights while delivering a spotless clean using cutting-edge technology. Unger’s extendable window washing poles pump the pure water solution through the cleaning system to reach high surfaces effortlessly.

Unger’s water fed cleaning poles are engineered to be portable, easy to use, and extremely efficient. Aluminum and carbon waterfed poles are designed with a yellow visual warning to avoid unintentional separation. With an Unger Pure Water Cleaning system, your custodial staff can keep your windows, facades, solar panels, and signs cleaner than ever before. By attaching the appropriate adapter, you can expand the cleaning performance of a nLite pole. The telescopic pole is designed to be easily extendable; simply adjust the pole by twisting the collars and then tightening the collar back down to hold the section in place, allowing your team to clean windows and glass "inside and out" all year long!

The Power of Pure Water Cleaning

Pure water cleaning is the future of professional cleaning solutions. Pure water is tap water that has been stripped of naturally occurring minerals and total dissolved sediments through the process of deionization, no chemical additives required.

Unlike tap water, pure water does not leave any residue after drying, delivering a higher standard of clean to your building facility. Unger’s water pole window cleaning system is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to utilizing pure water in the cleaning industry.

High Access Window Washing

Our selection of commercial window cleaning tools increases the ease of high access cleaning, reaching lengths of up to 65 feet. Super-light waterfed brushes make quick work of even the toughest buildup. Unger’s selection of nLite brushes come in a variety of types and sizes, ranging from rectangular, solar, radius and boar’s hair, to suit your every need.

Benefits of using a waterfed pole cleaning system to maintain your facility include:

  • Increased worker safety; keep their feet on their ground while performing high access cleaning operations.
  • Pure water systems are green cleaning; water impurities are removed without the use of harsh chemical additives.
  • Increased ROI over lift rentals; eliminate the additional cost of a lift rental on a recurring basis.
  • Complete your professional window cleaning with opportunities for cost savings and greater efficiency.

nLite® Waterfed Pole Systems

Our products are tailored to your specific need, ranging in price, extension height and material and include:

  • Aluminum master and extension poles reach heights of 30 feet and are an efficient tool for lower heights. Strength of Material: 30 GPa*.
  • Hybrid master and extension poles reach heights of 35 feet and feature a fiberglass/carbon composite pole. Strength of Material: 65 GPa*.
  • Carbon master and extension poles reach 55 feet and offer superior rigidity and a lightweight design. Ultimate Strength of Material: 100 GPa*.
  • HiMod master and extension poles reach 65 feet and are the ultimate in rigidity and offer a super-light design. Strength of Material: 180 GPa*.

*GPa (gigapascal) measure of material stiffness.


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