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Facility Cleaning Tools that Help Fight Against Infectious Diseases

During these challenging times, we at Unger want everyone to stay safe and clean wherever you can to reduce the spread of Coronavirus and other infectious diseases. For over 50 years we’ve supported the commercial cleaning industry with innovative products to help with generating a faster, safer and cleaner experience. With this experience comes the knowledge of the technologies and tools that can help achieve the best level of results for specific environments and scenarios, such as the current global concern regarding viral contamination.  As your own facility takes the necessary steps to ensure the safety of your property, employees, customers and visitors, we’ve provided the below guidelines to which commercial cleaning tools and technologies we recommend:

  • Microfiber cleaning technology lowers bacteria levels by 96%
  • Color coded cleaning technology significantly minimizes cross-contamination
  • Dual bucket functionality has proven to effectively cleans floors by preventing dirty water from entering the cleaning process.
  • Disinfectant flexibility allows you to combine cleaning with disinfection when needed

At this uncertain time, we look to local, national and world health organizations to guide us on cleaning standards that protect our communities from the spread of disease. The CDC recommends performing routine environmental cleaning during any virus outbreak, especially the cleaning of high touch surfaces, such as tables, chairs, doorknobs, light switches, remotes, handles, desks, floors, etc. While the transmission of many viruses occurs more commonly through respiratory droplets, some viruses are viable on surfaces for hours or even days. Cleaning of dirty surfaces combined with disinfection is a best practice measure for minimizing the spread of viruses both in households and community environments.

When it comes to the professional cleaning tools you choose to help combat the spread of viruses in your facility, there are specific features and functions you can assess to help maximize effectiveness, as well as efficiency, allowing you to clean more surfaces, faster.

Microfiber Cleaning Technology

Laboratory tests show that microfiber cloths reduce surface debris, lower bacteria levels by 96% and reduce the amount of chemicals needed because of its unique structure. Microfiber is made from synthetic materials and is a very fine blend, allowing it to trap and hold bacteria, dust, and dirt within the actual fibers. Compare microfiber to cotton (link to comparison blog), which pushes dirt and debris around instead of picking it up.

Unger has an assortment of cleaning solutions that leverage microfiber cleaning technology, including microfiber clothsdesk and table cleaning kits, floor cleaning kits and restroom cleaning kits.

Color Coding Cleaning Technology

Visually color-coding cleaning products allows employees to both easily organize their equipment and their workday, and ultimately improve sanitation and facility cleanliness. For example, restroom tools are kept in the restroom, kitchen tools are kept in the kitchen – reducing bacteria cross-contamination between high and low-risk areas. Proper use creates a healthier, more sanitary environment that benefits employees, occupants and visitors.

Color coded professional cleaning products not only help to minimize cross-contamination, but also aid in:

  • Deterring chemical misuse

Color coding technology reduces the transfer of harmful substances by isolating potentially hazardous cleaning chemicals into their appropriate areas. For example, mopping solutions can be coded for a specific floor to avoid the use of caustic chemicals that may permanently damage the surface.

  • Enhancing building safety

Color-coding reduces risk of accidents arising from the misuse of tools or chemicals in the wrong area. For instance, by preventing the use of greasy kitchen mops on entryway floors, you can lower the incidence of potentially expensive “slip and fall” accidents.

  • Simplifying supply management

By keeping cleaning tools in their proper areas, color coding allows custodial departments to keep track of their equipment and supplies. Productivity increases when employees no longer have to search for misplaced tools or proper cleaning equipment

  • Elevating employee performance

Specifically, Unger’s SmartColor system achieves its distinct color-coding through interchangeable features and durable metallic decals. This gives you the flexibility to easily re-task tools for different areas or functions as required. Unlike other systems, Unger’s SmartColor does not force you to purchase expensive new equipment every time you need to change color-coding schemes or transfer tools to new areas.

Dual Bucket Functionality

Conventional mopping methods include a cotton string mop, single bucket and wringer. The main challenges with this method when it comes to fighting against infectious disease are: 1) Cotton mopheads don’t remove as much soil from the floor as microfiber and 2) What soil does get picked up gets introduced to the cleaning solution after the first use.

Alternatively, cleaning with a dual compartment mop bucket has proven to effectively cleans floors by preventing dirty water from entering the cleaning process.  When using a dual bucket system, the soiled mop is wrung out with the contaminated water going directly into the second dirty water bucket, avoiding the clean water bucket completely. Used in conjunction with microfiber mopheads that release soils better than cotton, you have a substantially cleaner mop entering the cleaning solution after each wring.

Unger’s floor cleaning kits and RestroomRX cleaning system feature a dual bucket along with other innovative tools developed to deliver optimal productivity and cleaning results. Watch this video to see the effectiveness of the dual bucket and microfiber mop when used together.

Disinfectant Flexibility

Cleaning refers to the removal of germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces. Cleaning processes don’t kill germs, but by removing germs, cleaning lowers the risk of spreading infection. To actually kill germs, you’ll also have to disinfect surfaces by using chemicals. Disinfecting after cleaning further lowers the risk of spreading infection.

Some cleaning jobs require specific disinfectants dependent on the surface, space or level of dirt and debris. Sourcing professional cleaning solutions that allow the flexibility to use your preferred cleaning solution will only enhance your cleaning goals.

Unger’s Stingray glass cleaning system comes with a refillable system that allows you to use your preferred window cleaning solution while still gaining all the safety, speed and cleaning benefits. Additionally, the new QuikPad™ provides even more flexibility, allowing you to clean without having to launder contaminated pads.

Now More Than Ever, It’s Important to Reduce Risk & Enhance Cleaning Power.

To learn more about the latest in professional cleaning tools designed to help combat the spread of infectious diseases, contact Customer Service or call 203-366-4884.

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