Fast and Effective
Cleaning with Pure Water

Unger has achieved a groundbreaking innovation with the nLITE® PowerPad, the ultimate alternative to a brush for cleaning large glass surfaces on the first floor.

Unger pure water systems remove dissolved particles found in the water source, resulting in a spot and streak-free rinse of glass and surfaces. The nLITE® PowerPad's intuitive and revolutionary design makes cleaning with pure water noticeably faster, more effective, and easier. An affordable tool for all pure water professionals and for those new to Unger's pure water technology.

Man showing Unger PowerPad | Fast and effective cleaning with pure water
Unger was an Official Participant in the ISSA 2023 Innovation Awards

nLITE PowerPad is an Official Participant in the ISSA 2023 Innovation Award Program. Vote for PowerPad as this year’s most innovative product!

Clean with pure water easier than ever with the PowerPad!

Washing Window high up with Unger PowerPad | PowerPad is Fast


  • Larger contact on surface for faster cleaning
  • Microfiber pad self-cleans through the integrated Rinse Bar
  • Innovative swivel function allows for 360º movement on glass
Man washing window with Unger PowerPad | PowerPad is Effective


  • Rinse bar distributes pure water to the entire width of the tool
  • Streak-free cleaning with microfiber
  • Pole compatibility with nLITE® or OptiLoc® poles
Man holding Unger PowerPad | PowerPad has ergonomic design

Ergonomic Design

  • Lightweight and intuitive handheld tool
  • S-shaped movements as in traditional glass cleaning
  • Nonslip, comfortable handle grip
Unger nLite PowerPad Features
Unger nLite PowerPad Features

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Our knowledgeable regional representatives are available to demonstrate all the innovative, quality features of nLITE PowerPad. You and your team can try it firsthand and test it out with your current Pure Water System and see for yourself how quickly you can clean windows with pure water. An affordable solution to pure water cleaning!

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