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Outdoor Window Cleaning Made Easy

Professional window cleaning with pure water systems is the fastest and most efficient way to clean outdoor glass surfaces. With Unger's cutting-edge HydroPower and nLite technologies, there is a pure water cleaning solution for every facility's needs.

Achieve the highest professional window cleaning standards thanks to the HiFlo nLite system's perfect balance of weight and rigidity. Add extensions without compromising rigidity to reach even the highest windows.

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Safer Outdoor Window Cleaning

Cleaning outdoor windows can be one of the riskiest and most time-consuming aspects of facility management considering the equipment typically needed to execute the job. And given the perceived complexity of undertaking this job, and the level of training staff need to perform the task safely, outdoor window cleaning is oftentimes one of the first areas for outsourcing consideration.

However, Unger’s HydroPower™ professional window cleaning equipment not only allows you to keep outdoor window cleaning in-house and avoid the expense of outsourcing, it offers a huge boost in cleaning speed and efficiency over traditional window washing systems.

Combined with our nLite technologies, the HydroPower pure water cleaning system empowers cleaning staff with the ability to clean up to 5 stories high without the use of ladders or lifts. With their feet planted firmly on the ground, your staff achieves a streak-free clean in a single step, with less risk of ladder fall injuries.


Pure Water Window Cleaning

Engineered to be portable, easy to operate and extremely efficient, Unger HydroPower systems are at the cutting-edge of pure water innovation for the cleaning industry.

  • With Unger’s cutting-edge HydroPower and nLite pure water cleaning technologies, there is an outdoor window cleaning solution for every facility’s needs.
  • Cleans up to five stories safely from the ground with a local water source and no ladders!
  • Exceeds standard DI filter efficiency, performance, workflow, and comfort thanks to these new features: FloWater Technology; QuickChange Resin Bags; FastLock Opening.
  • QuickChange Resin Bags allow users to speed up the resin change process by up to 10 times- simply remove the bag with expired resin and inserting a new one.
  • FloWater Technology is an innovative water distribution system that ensures more efficient water flow through the entire vessel, improving resin efficiency and increasing its lifetime.


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