Always Mop with Clean Solution


Truly Clean Your Floors

Unger OmniClean is the newest, groundbreaking innovation in floor cleaning. OmniClean features dual bucket technology to separate clean and dirty solution, ensuring the StayClean charge bucket always stays clean.

The innovative scrub board removes debris from the mop pad, isolating it in the dirty solution bucket. A unique wringer agitates remaining debris off the mop pad leaving you with a clean mop. With OmniClean, you will always mop with clean solution.

  • Charge bucket stays soil free 13x longer than single chamber buckets.
  • Removes 93% of dirt from the floor, isolating it in the dirty bucket.

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Always Mop With Clean Solution

Cleaner Mop. Cleaner Bucket. Cleaner Floor.

Unger OmniClean is available in three kit configurations: dual bucket, restroom and spot. Each kit features a microfiber mop to remove more soil from the surface and prevent re-soiling. OmniClean systems feature easy maneuverability and cleaning accessories at your finger tips.

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