3 Reasons Why the OmniClean Dual Floor Mop Bucket Cleans Floors Faster

Maximize the speed, efficiency and level of cleanliness in your facility with Unger’s OmniClean mopping system featuring a dual chamber floor mop bucket. OmniClean is the latest, groundbreaking innovation in professional floor cleaning, featuring dual bucket technology that keeps the dirty solution separate from the clean solution, ensuring the StayClean charge bucket does just that. With OmniClean, the clean solution chamber stays soil free longer than single chamber buckets, allowing you to clean 13x more area before changing solution.

OmniClean has exceeded my expectations of flatmop systems. It addresses several of my concerns, one of which is the floor being too wet, and the unique wringer alleviates that issue.
— Pete, Assistant Director Housing Custodial, University of North Texas
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