Commercial Floor Cleaning Tools: Unger CLEANERx

Traditional commercial floor cleaning tools that use a cotton string mop and a single bucket can lead to problems that impact the health and safety of workers and building occupants. When using a single bucket of cleaning solution, there’s a risk of cross-contamination. As the mop becomes soiled with dirt and contaminants from one area, dipping it back into the same bucket can spread these contaminants to other parts of the floor, making the cleaning process less effective.

Using a cotton string mop requires significant physical effort to wring out excess water and distribute the cleaning solution evenly. This process can be tiring for cleaning staff and potentially lead to uneven cleaning results if not done consistently.  When using a single chamber bucket, the cleaning staff also has to perform more frequent solution changes, increasing overall costs and time spent on cleaning.

To overcome these problems, many facilities have transitioned to more advanced commercial floor cleaning tools, including microfiber mops and dual-bucket systems, all features of Unger’s Rx Cart Systems. These janitorial carts are designed to enhance cleaning efficiency, reduce cross-contamination, improve ergonomics, and achieve better overall floor cleaning results.

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