Unger RestroomRX Cleaning System

Our janitorial carts are the first ever developed as a coordinated system by professional cleaners. These sleekly designed restroom cleaning carts promote worker safety and enhance productivity. Pick from an array of systems and see an immediate enhancement in cleaning performance. With our restroom cleaning carts, the secured storage for tools and a wide range of mop bucket sizes combine to create ergonomic and functional systems. Every tool your custodial team needs for impeccable restroom cleaning will be at their fingertips.

In 2019 we introduced the Unger Restroom RX System into several high-profile customer locations. The result of this rollout was a standardized processes that enhanced custodial operations and labor management skills, with a dramatic improvement in customer satisfaction. Enhanced cleaning performance and results with less labor!
— Kenneth, COO, Done Right Building Services Inc.
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