ZoneCleanRx™ General Janitorial Cart System

For general cleaning and customizing, ZoneCleanRx™ is configured for your general cleaning needs. Perfect for office cubicles, cafes, study & work areas, ZoneCleanRx provides the tools you need to quickly address issues as they arise. ZoneCleanRx is a lighter kit configured with the basic essentials for zone cleaning, ZoneCleanRx includes the new EZClip™, a sturdy, reconfigurable, multiple clip size system that offers the flexibility to fit nearly every tool you need onboard, including ones you already own.

  • ZoneCleanRx™ janitorial cart comes with the cleaning tools needed for general cleaning throughout the day
  • EZClip™ system keeps all tools securely attached to the cart and easily within reach
  • Use with your preferred Unger Mopping System
  • SpeedClean for cleaning indoor windows and hard to reach table surfaces
  • Large vinyl bag fits standard 55-gallon trash bag and features a back zipper for easy and safe trash emptying
  • Three shelf-contained shelves for consumables and storage
  • Ergonomic telescopic dustpan with broom, extendable duster and NiftyNabber for debris pickup
  • Includes toilet brush with long handle to reduce bending and splash risk
  • Smooth, durable casters for ease of maneuverability
  • A durable high-quality cart designed to last
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  • Unger ZoneCleanRX Janitorial Cart System
  • Unger ZoneCleanRX Janitorial Cart System
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Unger ZoneCleanRX Janitorial Cart System
CRTZN 761475669481
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Kit Includes:

Part # UPC # Product Capacity Size
RRCRT Standard Cleaning Cart
LWDUR StarDuster® Pro Lambswool Duster 30"-60"/70-150cm
EDTBG Ergo Dustpans with Brooms 45" x 12" / 114 cm x 30 cm
NT090 NiftyNabber® Trigger Grip 36"/93cm
BBCOR Ergo Toilet Bowl Handle & Brush
WNK04 SpeedClean™ Starter Kit
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