SpotCleanRx™ Janitorial Cart System

For quick spills, surface cleaning and more, SpotCleanRx is configured for your lighter duty rounds. Perfect for office cubicles, cafes, study & work areas, SpotCleanRx provides the tools you need to quickly address issues as they arise. SpotCleanRx is a lighter kit configured with spray cleaning. SpotCleanRx includes the new EZClip™, a sturdy, reconfigurable, multiple clip size system that offers the flexibility to fit nearly every tool you need onboard, including ones you already own. The included Unger Excella and SpeedClean tools fit securely on the cart to ensure your system is complete.

  • SpotCleanRx™ janitorial cart comes with the cleaning tools needed for spot cleaning spills and high traffic areas throughout the day
  • EZClip™ system keeps all tools securely attached to the cart and easily within reach
  • Unger Excella® microfiber mop with bottle on board for on-the-go spot cleaning
  • SpeedClean for cleaning indoor windows and hard to reach table surfaces
  • Large vinyl bag fits standard 55-gallon trash bag and features a back zipper for easy and safe trash emptying
  • Three shelf-contained shelves for consumables and storage
  • Ergonomic telescopic dustpan with broom, extendable duster and NiftyNabber for debris pickup
  • Includes toilet brush with long handle to reduce bending and splash risk
  • Smooth, durable casters for ease of maneuverability
  • A durable high-quality cart designed to last
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CRTSP_UE_SpotCleanRx_Product_Feature_RightFacing_ThreeQuarterView - 3900x3900
  • CRTSP_UE_SpotCleanRx_Product_Feature_RightFacing_ThreeQuarterView - 3900x3900
  • Unger SpotCleanRX Janitorial Cart System
  • Unger SpotCleanRX Janitorial Cart System
  • IMG_3229_CRTSP_UE_SpotCleanRxCart_ProductFeature_InUse_Shot7_Raoul_Mopping_in_Hallway
  • IMG_3220_CRTSP_UE_SpotCleanRxCart_ProductFeature_InUse_Shot4_Raoul_Cleaning_Windows


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Unger SpotCleanRX Janitorial Cart System
CRTSP 761475669023
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Kit Includes:

Part # UPC # Product Capacity Size
RRCRT Standard Cleaning Cart
LWDUR StarDuster® Pro Lambswool Duster 30"-60"/70-150cm
EDTBG Ergo Dustpans with Brooms 45" x 12" / 114 cm x 30 cm
NT090 NiftyNabber® Trigger Grip 36"/93cm
BBCOR Ergo Toilet Bowl Handle & Brush
EFKT8 Unger Excella™ Floor Cleaning Straight Kit 18″ 18"
WNK04 SpeedClean™ Starter Kit
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