6 Reasons RestroomRX Cleans Better, Faster, Safer

The Unger RestroomRX System is the first ever commercial restroom cleaning cart designed for cleaning professionals by professionals. The system’s unique innovations make it possible to clean with confidence while increasing efficiency and reducing workers’ exposure to harmful germs. The commercial cleaning cart is versatile; depending on the job, the system is available in 16 Qt. and 32 Qt. sizes. Achieve the highest level of clean with the RestroomRx General Cleaning System Complete!

In 2019 we introduced the Unger Restroom RX System into several high-profile customer locations. The result of this rollout was a standardized processes that enhanced custodial operations and labor management skills, with a dramatic improvement in customer satisfaction. Enhanced cleaning performance and results with less labor!
— Kenneth, COO, Done Right Building Services Inc.
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