How-To: Stingray System Assembly & Quickstart

The Unger Stingray system provides a variety of surface cleaning options, while the multiple lightweight extending poles enable high access cleaning up to 18’ without the use of ladders.  The Stingray multi-surface cleaning tool cleans and protects glass and other silica-based surfaces like uncoated granite, ceramic and porcelain. It also cleans other surfaces such as stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, plastic, and acrylic glass.

Made to exceed cotton in both longevity and cleaning power, the Stingray system uses microfiber technology. A microfiber cleaning pad created from looped, long microfibers removes heavy dirt and grime, leaving behind a streak-free, germ free surface.

The Stingray is easy to use and assemble and will quickly become a staple in surface and indoor window cleaning operations. Watch the video to learn how to assemble and start cleaning with your Unger Stingray system.

The Unger Stingray Window tool is great. It not only cleans better, but also increases accessibility while simplifying the task.
— Dalton, Alabama A& M University
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