HydroPower® Ultra Pure Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning System

There’s a better way to clean your outdoor windows! Avoid fall risks by eliminating the use of ladders and lifts, stop wasting money on inadequate window cleaning tools, discontinue introducing unnecessary chemicals and minimize multi-step processes with the HydroPower® Ultra Pure Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning System.  

This pure water cleaning system sets the standard for DI systems with over 30% more pure water output. When paired with an nLITE® waterfed pole, the DI pure water system cleans windows up to 5 stories high. Easy to assemble and simple to use, the compact and efficient system utilizes quick-change resin bags to filter basic tap water into pure deionized water. Unger’s Flowater Technology 2.0 found in every resin pack ensures a more efficient flow, optimizing saturation. 

With the HydroPower Ultra Pure Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning System, windows are cleaned in a single step – no squeegees, no clothes and no streaking.

We love the Unger Hydropower system. The system has given us the opportunity to grow our window business above two stories, while the pole system helps keep our people safely on the ground.
— Lori, Regent Services
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