Industry Awards

Every award and recognition is an exciting milestone for Unger.  Our promise has always been to innovate with purpose, and that purpose is to deliver quality commercial cleaning tools designed to make the cleaning experience cleaner, faster and safer. It is a promise that was important to Henry Unger and remains at the core of our business today.

Each year The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association (ISSA) Innovation Award Program recognizes innovation in the cleaning industry for pioneers in the commercial, institutional, and residential sectors. Considered products or services address key challenges industry professionals are trying to solve in their daily operations. Winners are selected by industry professionals over months of online voting.

The Sanitary Maintenance Distributor Choice Award is voted on by janitorial and sanitation distributors. Tasked with voting for their favorite commercial cleaning products in four different categories, distributors choose and rank their top choices for whatever reason they decide. The three highest vote recipients are deemed the winners in each category.


The Unger OmniClean Floor Mopping System was recognized for its groundbreaking innovation in floor care. OmniClean is the only system with dual chamber bucket technology that is clinically proven to leave floors 40% cleaner than traditional methods.





OmniClean utilizes patented dual bucket technology to separate clean and dirty solution, ensuring a continuous supply of fresh cleaning agent. With advanced design features, OmniClean’s powerful scrub board removes dirt, grime and germs from the microfiber mop pad while the unique horizontal wringer removes remaining debris, so you’ll never clean with dirty solution again.





The Unger Excella floor cleaning system has been independently verified to clean and finish floors twice as fast as traditional methods. Incorporating a microfiber-based mop system with an innovative ergonomic design,  you can achieve a healthier level of clean while easing the physical stress of cleaning. The self-steering pole and the elimination of buckets increases cleaning speed and with enhanced system portability and size options, you can easily clean a variety of spaces.




The ISSA award winning Stingray Window & Glass Cleaning Kit cleans windows 25% faster and uses 39% less chemicals than traditional cloth window cleaning. The Stingray Refillable System allows you to use your preferred window cleaning solution while still gaining all the safety, speed and cleaning benefits Stingray provides. The system’s QuikPad™ provides even more flexibility, allowing you to clean without having to launder pads.




The nLite waterfed pole reaches new heights while delivering a spotless clean using cutting-edge technology. These extendable window washing poles pump the pure water solution through the cleaning system to reach high surfaces effortlessly. Engineered to be portable, easy to use, and extremely efficient,  your custodial staff can keep windows, facades, solar panels, and signs cleaner than ever before.

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