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National Cleaning Week 2023

Celebrating The Value of Clean During National Cleaning Week

2023 marks the fourth year that ISSA is working during National Cleaning Week, March 26—April 1, to grow public awareness of the cleaning industry’s positive impact. During this week, Unger, together with our distributors, retailers and network of cleaning professionals, strives to promote the Value of Clean in today’s workplaces, schools and community facilities. As leaders in commercial cleaning tool innovation, we know that “clean” is so much more than how a facility looks. The Value of Clean entails:

  1. Promoting good health and preventing the spread of diseases and illnesses.
  2. Reducing instances of absenteeism and presenteeism that negatively impact productivity and profitability.
  3. Protecting the environment by properly disposing of waste and implementing more sustainable cleaning practices.
  4. Increasing a facility’s lifetime value and preserving its assets.

ISSA created the following infographic to promote how all these individual benefits total up to deliver the real Value of Clean:

national cleaning week the value of clean

How Can You Support Promoting the Value of Clean?

National Cleaning Week represents a unique opportunity to celebrate the value of clean, raise awareness, honor cleaning industry professionals, and for you to promote your business. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Show your appreciation for your cleaning staff. Here are some ideas on how to express thanks and custodian appreciation.
  2. Tell your customers about National Cleaning Week and what the Value of Clean means to you and their business.
  3. Share your story about the value of clean, an outstanding custodial team member, or how you’re celebrating National Cleaning Week on social and use the hashtag #NCW. Here is an example social media post that you can copy and paste:

National Cleaning Week, a time to celebrate and honor our essential cleaning professionals, is around the corner, March 26 – April 1. Let’s celebrate together!  #NCW

Unger is dedicated to supporting our cleaning industry partners and industry professionals every day, but especially during the National Cleaning Week celebration. Our promise is to innovate with purpose and to deliver quality tools designed to make the cleaning experience cleaner, faster and safer, and overall, deliver on the Value of Clean.

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