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Empowering Persons with Disabilities: How a Los Angeles Nonprofit Revolutionizes Employment Through Cleaning

The Los Angeles Habilitation House (LAHH) has been a beacon of hope since its establishment in 2008, offering employment and career opportunities to individuals with disabilities. Their noble mission is clear: to cultivate job opportunities for individuals with disabilities to help them develop, express, and apply their talents in their work and community. For over a decade, LAHH has provided Building Services for Commercial and Federal Government buildings specializing in janitorial services, floor care, restroom cleaning, contract operations, and more.

At the heart of their mission lies a sobering statistic – a staggering seventy percent (70%) of adults with disabilities are unemployed in the United States, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. LAHH was founded to confront this glaring employment disparity, aiming to dismantle the cycle of exclusion and remove the barriers faced by individuals with disabilities in their pursuit of employment.

Jacob from LAHHMeet Jacob, a valued member of the janitorial team stationed at a military base; Jacob’s enthusiasm for his work shines through as he deftly navigates his tasks. In 2021 Jacob was awarded the “Passionate Heart for Others” Award, after showing compassion, attentiveness and being extra helpful while working with his janitorial team. Jacob is one of many team members at LAHH that demonstrate the importance of inclusivity and providing opportunities to all individuals with disabilities.

Nancy, Vice President at LAHH organization, shares insights into their mission and offers guidance for other Building Service Contractors (BSC) considering hiring individuals with disabilities.

Unger: What is the mission and inspiration for the LAHH Organization?

Nancy: “Our desire to fulfill the need for truth, beauty, happiness, love and justice shines through in our commitment to work, family and society.

We believe that we relate to others without attempting to possess and use them for our profit but by loving them unconditionally and respecting their human dignity. With this unstoppable desire for life, we threw ourselves into this adventure, giving our energy, time, resources, and experience to people with disabilities, who are easily forgotten, set aside, and not considered in their human needs and desires.

We have chosen the word “house” to accompany our organization’s name. We are aware that this passion for life, the struggle to live it and to fulfill ourselves can be continually reawakened and sustained day by day, only through human companionship. Everyone needs a “house” like a child needs the love and education from their family to live life fully.”

Unger: What advice do you have for other BSCs when hiring an individual with disabilities?

Nancy: “Don’t hesitate to reach out to organizations like ours to find a partner for hiring people with disabilities near you. People with disabilities bring warmth, dedication, simplicity, and kindness to their workplace.  They are people loyal to their employers and want to work hard and keep their jobs because, often, they have experienced unemployment and are often not considered even for an interview.”

Unger has been a partner of LAHH’s from the beginning and is proud to support such a meaningful organization. LAHH’s pioneering efforts in providing employment opportunities to persons with disabilities not only transform lives but also serves as a testament to the power of compassion, innovation, and collaboration in creating a more equitable and inclusive society. By championing diversity and embracing the unique talents of every individual, we move one step closer to realizing a world where everyone can thrive.

To learn more about Los Angeles Habilitation House, visit here.

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