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General Electric Announces App to Monitor Airport Cleaning

GE formally announced a new app marketed towards airports that allows travelers to monitor the last time certain high traffic areas in the airport (such as kiosks and restrooms) were cleaned and disinfected.  With potential travelers asking, “are airports safe right now,” the goal is to increase accountability for airport cleaning as travelers’ anxieties increase as Covid-19 infection rates spike all across the country.

We applaud any efforts to put traveler’s minds at ease when it comes to promoting how clean airports are. However, we’re concerned about the quality of airport cleaning this app will encourage since it appears the app will only measure the time it was cleaned and not HOW it was cleaned or what tools were used to sanitize.

The cleanliness of transportation hubs like airports are crucial towards limiting the spread of viruses. That’s why we believe in not just cleaning, but “Truly Cleaning” with the most effective commercial cleaning tools.

We’ll keep an eye on this new app during the testing phase and update our thoughts on airport cleaning as needed. In the meantime, if you work in a transportation hub and would like a free cleaning consultation, click here!

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