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Sanitary Maintenance Names Unger’s OmniClean Floor Cleaning System Distributors Choice Award Winner

Unger is excited to announce that the OmniClean Dual Bucket Floor Cleaning system has won the Sanitary Maintenance 2021 Distributor Choice Award in the Cleaning Tools Category.

During a six-week voting period, janitorial and sanitation  distributors were tasked with voting for their favorite commercial cleaning products in four different categories. Distributors chose and ranked their top choices for whatever reason they decided: bestselling, most preferred, most recommended, most innovative, etc. The three highest vote recipients were deemed the winners in each category.

“OmniClean was developed based on end user feedback that cotton string mops and single chamber buckets were not really cleaning. OmniClean truly cleans by keeping clean solution separate from dirty solution. We are pleased that the voters and people who have adopted OmniClean agree with us,” said John Lombardo, VP of Global Marketing.

We are honored to share the spotlight with the other category winners. Congratulations to the following winners for their commitment to innovative cleaning tools:

  • Step’N’Go Mop Handle by M2 Professional Cleaning Products
  • ChemWipe by Berk International

About OmniClean Floor Cleaning Tools

The Unger OmniClean Floor Mopping System is the newest, groundbreaking innovation in floor care. OmniClean is the only dual chamber bucket clinically proven to leave cleaning solution 13% cleaner than traditional methods.

OmniClean utilizes patented dual bucket technology to separate clean and dirty solution, ensuring a continuous supply of fresh cleaning agent. With advanced design features, OmniClean’s powerful scrub board removes dirt, grime and germs from the microfiber mop pad while the unique horizontal wringer removes remaining debris, so you’ll never clean with dirty solution again.

See the Unger OmniClean Microfiber Floor Care System in Action!

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