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Why Invest in a Professional Window Cleaning Solution at All?

How often your facility or office windows are cleaned depends on a multitude of variables, including the purpose of the building, the climate of your location, who occupies your building and the environmental factors around the property. But one thing that does not vary is the fact that your facility’s windows have to be cleaned with a professional window cleaning solution. From promoting a positive first impression to protecting window integrity, clean windows are essential to the operational and business goals of nearly any facility.

First Impressions Depend on Clean Exterior Windows

The notion that you never get a second chance to make a first impression can be applied to both people and places, including facility facades. In fact, 55% of first impressions are made by what we see, making the presentation and cleanliness of your organization just as important, if not more, as the first impression you make in person.

Whether your organization’s goal is to attract new customers, recruit students or provide a service, the first thing people see is the exterior of the property. From landscaping to signage, to exterior windows, visitors will immediately start to take this all in and form an opinion of what’s to come once inside.

For example, take a look at the retail sector specifically, where  research by State Systems reported that 95% of shoppers said exterior appearance influenced where they decide to shop a huge factor for the retail and grocer industries in particular. The same research reported that:

  • 52% of consumers avoid a business if the exterior appearance is unappealing for any reason – from littered parking lots to dirty windows.
  • 32% of consumers stuck up their noses at businesses that appear dirty, whether inside or out, and never return.

Prospective students practice similar scrutiny when it comes to how you maintain an educational facility or campus. A landmark study sponsored by the Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers illustrates exactly this – 26% of student respondents rejected an institution because an important building was inadequate, and 16.6% nixed a college entirely because its buildings were poorly maintained, making outdoor window cleaning much more important than a cleaning task, but a vital component in formulating first impressions and promoting a positive brand for your school.

For restaurant owners, the exterior of a restaurant is an important marketing tool, including its signage, landscaping, parking lot, walkways. But did you know cleanliness specifically regarding exterior windows is also critical for attracting and retaining customers? A study from Business Wire found that 75% of consumers will not visit a restaurant with negative reviews about its cleanliness, with cleanliness detected before patrons even walk through the doors, making window washing maintenance a high priority task.

Washing Windows Promotes Health and Psychological Well-Being

In general, air quality is impacted when dirt particles collect on windows and sills, especially if the particles contain mold, jeopardizing the health of building occupants. Clean windows allow more light, specifically ultraviolet light into the space. This type of light is a disinfectant that kills bacteria that is present in your facility. On the other hand, dirty windows can reduce the amount of natural light (your natural disinfectant) coming into your facility by about 40%.

When we take a closer look at the healthcare industry specifically, cleaner windows increase their role from not just helping prevent sickness, but also for helping patients recover.  Recent research by The Center for Healthcare Design and other organizations finds that natural daylight and outdoor views benefit healthcare settings in a number of ways, including reducing patient depression, easing pain, decreasing the length of hospital stays, reducing medications, improving sleep and circadian rhythm, lessening agitation in dementia patients, and improving the well-being of staff in the work environment – all provided from clean windows.

With newer healthcare spaces designed to be nurturing and therapeutic, they feature components such as bright rooms, access to natural daylight, big windows, and outdoor views that can improve the healing process by giving patients a psychological and physical lift.

Clean Windows Maintain Glass Integrity

While acid rain and hard water can contribute to build up on your exterior windows, the accumulation of dirt and debris – whether on outside or indoor windows – can also enter the glass pores. This combination of natural occurrences, over time, can corrode your windows and make them prone to etching.

Etching and scratching can weaken glass, but with regular window washing, you can prevent etching and safeguard the longevity of your window investment.

Regular Cleaning Increases Energy Efficiency

According to the Department of Energy, heat gains and losses through windows can account for 25-30 percent of HVAC-related energy usage. By cleaning and maintaining windows regularly, you can minimize this energy waste and lower the load on the HVAC equipment.

Sourcing a Professional Window Cleaning Solution

Understanding that clean windows inside and outside a facility are much more than an aesthetic goal, sourcing the right commercial window washing equipment is critical. Click here to read about what to look for when sourcing indoor window cleaning tools and here for guidance on selecting the best outdoor professional window cleaning solution.

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