Generation 2 nLITE® Waterfed Pole System

Cleaning outdoor windows safely from the ground has never been this powerful! The latest Unger water fed pole system, the Generation 2 nLITE®, exemplifies innovation and high quality. Pure water technology is the fastest and most efficient way to clean high access  glass surfaces. When combined with the lightweight and rigid nLITE® carbon water fed pole, workers are able to stay off dangerous ladders and lifts and instead stay safe on the ground.

Cleaning hard-to-reach places such as overhanging elements or glass roofing and walls is made possible with the angle adaptor. Combine four individual elements in any number of variants and attach to the Unger Water Fed Pole System to easily reach places that are otherwise difficult to access. Complementing the angular adaptor, Generation 2 nLITE brushes feature innovative bristle technology, a flushing nozzle bar and a nozzle block in the middle of the brush, to ensure clever water distribution and powerful cleaning.

The Gen 2 nLITE system is a game changer! The shape of the pole fits amazing in my hands, making the cleaning movement so effortless and manageable. And the angle adapter has made cleaning in difficult places so much easier during jobs!
— John, Commercial Window Cleaner
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